Thursday, December 03, 2009

RIP Bogo and other stuff

My mom's beloved cat Bogo died this week...the vet found an inoperable tumor in his epiglottis, and the vet put him down. Poor thing...he was a really nice cat, and HUGE! I didn't think something like this would get him down, but it did.

He was staying at my sister's house after Mom moved to her new apartment, was doing pretty well adjusting, and then this hit him. Poor guy. Mom handled it very well, and Ruthi's three kids buried him and paid him his due respects.

So now we're in a Bogo-less world.

In other news, DC is abuzz with the party-crashers, Michaele and Tariq Selahi (I think that's how the name is spelled) and how they did what they did. Turns out Michaele also passed herself off as a Redskins cheerleader, or at least tried to...I honestly think she's got a screw loose somewhere, trying to pass herself off like that. It's weird. As dissatisfied as I can be with my life, I know that if I tried to crash a party like she and her husband did, I wouldn't even make the first line of defense. I'd feel too guilty.

We haven't had our first snow yet, and I'm kind of antsy waiting for it. I'm not looking forward to the bad driving that accompanies it, but I am looking forward to the pretty white flakes making the bare trees look better.

I can't believe that I'll have been at Walter Reed for a year on December 15th. I'm happy about that...I know that this place will be closing, but I've got (God willing) consistent work until the hospital closes in 2011. Whether or not we'll be going to follow the consolidation to Bethesda is anyone's guess. I hope we pocketbook does too.

The last big band gig of 2009 is next Saturday, so I'll have to have several diva naps in anticipation of that event. Gigs take their toll on me...I'm usually in bed by 8 PM most nights, even on the weekends, so naps are essential for survival when a gig rears its head. It should be's a swing dance that will raise money for a local Catholic middle school. The last dance we did for them was successful, so we're hoping history will repeat itself.

In a "shocking" turn of events, I don't think any kind of potluck is planned for our department for Christmas. The entire division had a big one for Thanksgiving that I didn't attend because I didn't want to run into a former supervisor that I KNEW would be there. I felt bad, but I have to do what's right for me, and that was definitely right. I did eat some Burger King in their honor and felt good about it.

Not sure what we're doing for Christmas. I do know that one of my best buds from college will be in town a few days before Christmas, and I hope to see him then. Beyond that, and Christmas Eve service at church, it'll probably be another laid back holiday for me. That's OK...I like 'em that way. We'll probably be leisurely on Christmas Day, maybe take in a movie and have some Chinese food. Ho ho ho.

Anyway, that's all the news that's fit to type from Rancho Sudiegirl. So drink up a toast in memory of Bogo, and we'll talk again soon.