Friday, August 21, 2009

Revelation from an unlikely source, and other stuff

Can't go into details, but I found out that my position in the work debacle from December to late June was other words, I wasn't crazy. Someone else (a higher-up, no less) backed me up as far as claims regarding my former boss, and other people were noticing it that weren't even "customers".

I feel weird about this...but I am not going to look back. I am happy here in this new position, even when it's hectic or so boring that I use the term "deader than Elvis" to describe it. I have noticed myself blossoming, and it feels pretty damned good. So there you have it.

Right now, the guys in my office are loud and BS-filled about something or other, and their voices fill the air and bring comfort to me as opposed to irritation. I like listening to laughter in the workplace. I had a boss (a long time ago) that wouldn't allow talking at all amongst the employees, even for so simple a thing as informing the receptionist that you were leaving the room to use the restroom. So I am happy to hear voices, even if they are rowdy and raucous.

Anyway, it finally feels like a DC summer...all hot and sticky. I was wondering when it would happen. We've had a mellow summer, weather-wise. I just wish it would rain consistently, not in fits and starts...we need the rain, I think.

Another two months and I'll be off to Iowegia for a visit...I'm kind of anxious in good and bad ways. I am anxious in a good way to see Mom's new place, and to see my sister and the kids. I'm just afraid of the "ghosts" and potential annoyances that may befall me when I visit. I guess that's why I'm not bringing D along this time...I figure that if I have a lousy time, I'm not subjecting anyone to it besides myself. I'm counting on having a good time, though...I don't have to see people I don't want to see anymore, and it's an emancipation of sorts.

Also, I got a mention in the Washington Post Express this week for the blog entry I wrote regarding receipt of a Yogi Bear cookie jar, and it didn't make a dent in my stats. That's OK, though...D noticed and called me at work, so I had fleeting fame for a day.

Well, that's all from me...the entries are gradually getting longer, so take heart, gentle's getting a little bit better here at Rancho Sudiegirl.