Friday, December 26, 2008

In which our heroine is sick of looking at blue polo shirts

Yep, I had to work today, and that meant helping out the head admin with sorting blue polo shirts (both long and short sleeved) into various groupings.

I hate polo shirts now.

However, I like having a job so I sorted polo shirts.

Yesterday was a nice quiet Christmas day. D and I went to see "Doubt" (a very good movie; I highly recommend it) and then had Chinese food. Just the kind of day I wanted, and I like getting what I want. (Oh, no...I opened the door for the Mighty Dyckerson to come in and wreak havoc...oh well...)

But seriously...RIP to Eartha Kitt. Ed wrote a better tribute to her than I could so check him out on my side bar.

And have a safe weekend, y'all.