Thursday, December 25, 2008

Another boring post - sorry, Dyckerson

Well, it's Christmas day and I'm typing this from my "lair".

Not much happening - D and I went to church last night and I forgot to eat before we started choir rehearsal. I almost passed out during my little solo! Duh...note to self-eat before choir.

Today, it's bright and sunny. Last night it was in the 50s with no rain (rain was predicted).

You might wonder why my posts are so's because I am holding back on writing about my family. This includes any forthcoming "Moment of Dad" posts. You see, I have some relatives that like to read this blog and mis-interpret what I say, then go out and tell all their friends in our backwater town that I'm crazy. I have enough problems, I don't need that because it hurts my mom and sister. So I'm stuck for topics to write about half the time.

If anyone has solutions to that, please provide them in the comments.

At any rate, merry Christmas and Happy New Year!