Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday Smatterings

It's a chilly Sunday here in MD, and it supposed to get way cold tonight. Colder than usual, in fact. Bizarre, since at the beginning of the week it was 69 degrees.

I'm not sure why I'm stuck on things to write about now. I'm trying to be careful about writing about work since I work in a contracting position. I don't know what kinds of things will be coming across my desk and I want to be as careful as possible.

My family is doing well. It's funny, but since my dad passed, we've kind of rebuilt our family into something different. I guess it goes to show that you can surround yourself with caring people who aren't related to you, but still seem like "family". Sometimes God surprises us with "people gifts".

D and I are still together, and DD is out of the picture. Not really sad about it either. He's never going to change and that's probably why he'll remain single for the rest of his life. Just an old grouchy bachelor with a coke problem.

I haven't kept up with Hollyweird news in a while...perhaps I shall again, but maybe not. I've found that they don't really give a damn about what I think (can't imagine why) so why preach to the choir?

I am dreading the crowds for Inauguration's going to be crazy. A friend of mine was just named Deputy Chief of Staff for Michelle Obama, which means he'll be working as an admin assistant of sorts for when she travels to the North Central part of the U.S. I think that'd be a cool job. Very busy, but very cool. I asked him if he could do something about the crowds and he laughed at me. That wasn't very nice!

Anyway...not much more to say here. Again, have a happy holiday season and a fine '09!