Monday, March 10, 2008 a walk in the park, a dosage of "snark"...

OK - I know I haven't been here, but I've had...absolutely NO excuse whatsoever other than I'm a complete, total, unilateral lazy ass.

(How about that for a "mea culpa", y'all?)

Anyway, I had a gig on Saturday night and an audition on Sunday night, so it was a Sudie Music weekend. Also, I downloaded MUCHO tunes to my new toy, a 30 GB mp3 player. I've got 10 GB left, so I'm still a happy li'l toady.

So now, in the spirit of me and Rancho Sudiegirl, I'm going to ask you a few unanswered questions of the universe. If you wish to answer them, please feel free to do so in the comments section of this loverly blog.

1. Do any of you have relatives or acquaintances that are like hyenas? To remind everyone of the humble hyena's place in the animal kingdom, here's what Wikipedia has to say:

Negative associations have generally stemmed from Hyenas' tendency to scavenge graves for food. They are one of the few creatures naturally suited for this due to their ability to devour and digest every part of a carcass, including bone. As such, many associate hyenas with gluttony, uncleanliness, and cowardice.

Their haunting laughter-like calls inspired the idea in local cultures that they could imitate human voices and call their victims by name. Hyenas are also associated with divination and sometimes thought of as tools of demons and witches. In African folklore, witches and sorcerers are thought to ride hyenas, or even turn into them.

African attitudes toward hyenas are little better than those held in the European cultures. Most African tribes view hyenas as inedible and greedy hermaphrodites. The Bouda is a mythical tribe reputed to house members able to transform into hyenas.[8] Belief in "Werehyenas" is so entrenched within the traditional lore of the Bornu people of north-eastern Nigeria, that their language even contains a special word bultungin which translates as "I change myself into a hyena".[10]

Let me know.

2. Why do some people get so uptight when others are forthright about various issues and experiences they've had? In my case, some of my friends wonder why I talk about being bipolar on my blog...or why I write about my mourning processes with my dad, etc. The way I see it, I feel like I could be helping someone by telling them about my experiences. What's wrong with that? Have you ever felt this way?

Those are the only two I have so far. If you have an unanswered question of the universe, send it to me, and I'll post it with a link to your site! Maybe we can answer some of those annoying questions that plague us at 2 AM.

I has spoken!