Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Because Lime requested it...more captions.

During a speech for the Blind, Left-Handed Dentists Without Adenoids Association, Obama was seen channeling Ernestine, one of Lily Tomlin's beloved characters from Laugh-In. Ernestine had no comment other than, "One ringy-dingy..."

An unfortunate wardrobe malfunction occurred in Petaluma, California today. Apparently, John McCain's suit jacket failed to hide his black wings of death. His campaign manager had no comment, but Satan was quoted as saying, "You need a better tailor, dude."

Upon being presented with a hand-made tea cozy constructed with Kleenex and spit, Hillary Clinton was "verklempt". Linda "Coffee Talk" Richman had no comment other than, "She LOVES her Barbra Streisand...oy, now I'm verklempt too!"