Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Today's "D'oh!" award, and possible insight on a TV institution...?

Yep - today's a "D'oh" award.

And believe me, this caught my attention. It caught my attention so much, I had to award it, and I also have to explore some more on this entire topic. Believe me, I think four out of five people that saw this headline probably thought the same thing I did!

Here we go..

Recipient of today's "D'oh" award: Dawn Wells, a.k.a. Mary Ann from "Gilligan's Island".

Reason: That ol' devil mari-ju-ana.

To quote the article:

DRIGGS, Idaho - Dawn Wells, who played Mary Ann on "Gilligan's Island," is serving six months' unsupervised probation after allegedly being caught with marijuana in her car.

She was sentenced Feb. 29 to five days in jail, fined $410.50 and placed on probation after pleading guilty to one count of reckless driving.

Under a plea agreement, three misdemeanor counts — driving under the influence, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a controlled substance — were dropped.

Her argument: she gave three hitchhikers a ride home in her car, and she was driving erratically because she was trying to adjust the heat in her car.
Judge's opinions:

1. Uh - huh. Three hitchhikers and adjustment of heat. I believe that story as much as I believe my first husband actually LOVED me.

Here's the mug shot of Ms. Wells:Now I don't care WHAT you say - she's got that "I'm not stoned, really, I'm not" look on her face. I know that face because I've made that face.

2. Based on this knowledge about "Mary Ann" being a pothead, I now know why the passengers and crew of The Minnow could build a radio but not fix the boat to get back home.

So...this made me wonder...what other kinds of things were the "Gilligan's Island" folks up to on that deserted island? Here are a few ideas:

  • Skipper and Gilligan...well, do I need to say more? Not that there's anything wrong with that, but maybe Skipper called Gilligan "Little Buddy" for more than one reason.
  • The Professor? He was doing all the women...including "Lovey" Howell.
  • If Mary Ann was doing pot on the island, it makes sense that Ginger was getting loaded on rotgut via a still that the Professor made. Of course, the deal was that if the Prof made the still, Ginger would have to give him a...very...SPECIAL...thank you. IF you know what I mean.
  • Thurston Howell...well...let's just say he had a very special thing going on with some of the various primates on the island. The show doesn't cover that due to an FCC intervention in 1965. But Thurston knows, as well as a chimpanzee named "Bobo".
Does anyone else have more ideas about what ACTUALLY happened on Gilligan's Island? If so, let me know in the comments! I'll post your answers too!