Thursday, February 28, 2008

Renaming? Say It Ain't So!

OK - this is a tricky thing to write about, I know. Almost as tricky as when I complained about a new establishment in my hometown, but maybe not.

Anyway...the jist of the link above is that the owner of the Chicago Cubs (Sam Zell) wants to change the name of Wrigley Field.

Jeez...this is probably going to piss off as many people as the issue of bringing lights to the park. I don't get it.

Shakespeare was right..."what's in a name?"

So with that, I'd like to suggest a few names of my own for this field. I'm not a baseball fan, so maybe I can bring a fresh face to this activity. Or at the very least I can piss some people off. I'm psyched either way. So here's my list o' ideas.

  1. John Belushi Memorial Field
  2. Jake & Elwood Blues Field
  3. Cheeburger Cheeburger Field
  4. Ferris Bueller's Field (after all, he is a righteous dude)
  5. Mrs. O'Leary's Field
  6. That field where they didn't blow up all the disco records
If you could rename this historic baseball field, what would YOU name it?

Winner undying respect, and I'll think of something else while I'm at it. Anybody know of a prize I can get for someone that's under $2 bucks?

Till then...take me out to the ball game, yo.