Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Helpful hints for daily life

Sudiegirl's helpful hints for daily life...

(clears throat, rustles papers)

1. Lukewarm instant oatmeal is not the greatest thing in the world to eat.
(Do not ask me how I know this.)

2. If you have a frozen carbonated beverage in a can, and you want to melt said beverage, run hot water on the can FIRST, then wait several minutes before OPENING said can. Also, do not do this in any room where there is light colored paint on the walls and/or ceiling.
(Do not ask me how I know this either...however, if you ask my mother, she'll be SURE to tell you every little detail of what happened. She's funny that way.)

3. Life IS like a box of chocolates. However, Forrest Gump forgot to mention that there's always some bozo out there that sticks his/her finger IN the chocolate to find out what's inside. That person ALSO usually has a communicable disease of some sort.

4. Those Wizard air freshener thingies that are in the cone (the ones where you pull up the lid a little bit and it's all gooey and stuff) do not flush down toilets.
(Do not ask ME how I know this...however, I have a kindergarten teacher that swears I did this, and when asked why, I replied, "Because it smelled bad.")

5. If you are baking corn bread from a mix, you don't need to add baking soda or baking powder.
(This is something I didn't do...however, I had a room-mate who did. The results were nothing short of disgusting.)

That's all I got...tune in another time for a list like this or some other weird thing that hops out of my brain that I decide to share with you.