Saturday, March 01, 2008

Sudiegirl checks her bad self, plus a question of racism...?

Well, I wrote a post about singing BUT I realized I'd covered all those topics before. Therefore, redundancy would be the rule of the day @ Rancho Sudiegirl.

Aren't you proud of me? Hehehhehee

So, with that in mind, I'm going to just enjoy my li'l dosage of Paxil as it blissfully unites with the Abilify and Lamictal already in my bloodstream.

Secondly, the post below addresses a change of apocalyptic proportions in American sports - namely, the proposed action to rename Wrigley Field. I gave my suggestions in said post, and asked other readers to provide their own. I got a few, and they're pretty good. Click on the highlighted name to be magically whisked away to these bloggers' homes. You'll be a happy camper for this, guaranteed!

So see? I'm not the only one that's a creative, happy to be helpful type. Never let it be said that I'm ignorant about sports. As Homer Simpson so accurately stated, "Just because I don't CARE doesn't mean I don't understand."

Next, a subject of race came up in my humble abode today. D and I were watching an episode of "Jonny Quest" this afternoon.

It was my favorite episode, "Dragons of Ashida", with the crazy zoologist who creates the man-eating lizards and terrorizes the natives with them. It's great.

Anyway (so I don't digress into a scene-by-scene ode to this episode), D made the comment that he thought "Jonny Quest" could be construed as racist. Many of the "bad guys" are of other races and cultures that are not WASPy like Race, Dr. Quest and cute li'l Jonny. If the non-WASP folks aren't bad guys, they're portrayed as wimpy, comic relief or less than capable in whatever way the script lays it out.

And I thought, "You know, he is right."

Let's face it...any show that immortalizes a line of dialogue like "You Heathen Monkeys" isn't necessarily going to win an NAACP Image award or a Nobel Peace Prize.

So why do I like this show SO MUCH?

After all...I'm enlightened, right? I've taken many a college course intended to broaden my horizons on other folks of ethnic, religious and racial groups. I live in the Nation's Capital, where a myriad of nationalities pass through every hour on the hour.

The answer is simple, really.

I like it when things go "boom", "bang" and "zap".

I has spoken, so shall it be.