Thursday, January 03, 2008


(I think this was done by the same painter that did the "Dogs Playing Poker" series - however, it also resembles my high school junior prom; my date and I are in the middle. Apologies to those few blessed people from high school that I actually LIKE.)

OK - first of all, let me make one thing perfectly clear. Even though I am an Iowan, I'm quite fuzzy on how the caucus works. I have never caucused. My mother has, and so did my late father. I figure nobody listens to my sorry a$ anyway so who cares, right? My mom is all for Mitt Romney; not sure about my sister's affiliation. My nieces and nephew, although too young to vote, are firmly for Obama.

At this point, I'm still hopin' for the "cutie patootie" ticket with Obama and Edwards. Hillary makes me think too much of a girl I went to high school with who made sure we all knew she was smarter than us. I wasn't impressed then, nor am I now. At any rate...even though Huckabee plays a mean bass, I don't think his Chuck Norris affiliation will change my mind.


Well, gee, Sudie...if you don't talk about politics on this Raucous Caucus day, what WILL you talk about?

Shee-it. I dunno.

For starters, I'm diggin' the picture of Letterman with a beard. Very nice indeed. I am too much of a weenie to stay up and watch Letterman these days. That's one disadvantage of being in the Eastern time zone...I miss so much more television! Oh well...that's life.

As far as late-night talkers goes, I must say that after all this time, I am still not a fan of Jay Leno. Sorry - I can appreciate the "car and motorcycle collector" side of his life, but he and his humor leave me cold. Also, I am afraid of his chin. Sorry, but true. Besides, Dave Letterman is a fellow Midwesterner. He used to piss me off, but for some reason, Letterman has grown on me these days.

Actually, if you want to read an eloquently written opinion piece on the writer's strike, go to groovygrrl's site. She makes her opinion known without frills or hyperbole, and I was impressed. I think you will be too.

God - I'm so boring! I think it's time for me to give an award...I haven't handed this one out in a while, but here it is...the "Dumb Luck" award!

Actually, I'm not sure if this exactly qualifies as "dumb luck", but let's just roll with it anyway.

Recipients: John Marsey and his cousin Darren Lines of Hartlepool, northeast England
Reason: Quick thinking, lingerie, and fire extinguishing. To be specific:

From baggy briefs to the ultimate hotpants: A British woman's underwear saved the day by doubling as an emergency fire blanket when her kitchen caught fire. John Marsey and his cousin Darren Lines were frying bread in Jenny Marsey's kitchen in Hartlepool, northeast England, on Sunday when their meal caught fire.

Now really, there's not a lot more to say with that, but of course, that's what the judge's comments are for. So without further adieu:

Judge's comments:

  1. As a fat chick, I must say that this news empowers and embarrasses me on equal levels. Let's face it...if this happened to me, I'd be proud to know that my nephew was quick enough to employ this strategy. This woman was no different. However, as much "in touch" I am with my larger-sized self, I don't really want my underwear size broadcast all over the news wires.
  2. Here are some theme songs for this news item:
    • "Fat Bottom Girls" by Queen
    • "Big Bottom" by Spinal Tap
    • "Baby Makes Her Blue Jeans Talk" by Dr. Hook (Yeah, I know I'm reaching, shut up)
    • "Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix A Lot
So there you have it - Sudiegirl takin' the high road with this very interesting news item.

I wonder if this woman will sell the fire-fighting undies on E-Bay? Weirder yet, who would buy them? Is there some fetishist around that has a thing for slightly charred, plus-size granny panties?

I'm not sure how I would react if there was a person out there with a predilection for this kind of thing. I'd probably faint.

So until tomorrow...