Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Thoughts on the 2nd day of 2008

I had this same t-shirt when I was in junior high, and people kept asking me, "Why are you wearing a shirt that says 'gopher barbecue'?"

*sigh*'s hard to be pretentious in junior high. Nobody gets the joke.

Anyway...we're into day 2 of 2008, and so far, I ain't real sure what to expect. Is that a bit unreasonable? Probably.

Do I care if it is or not? Absolutely not.

So on this happy 2nd day of '08, let me riff a smidge. Just a li'l bit. Please? K thx.

  • If I were so inclined and had a webcam of some sort, I'd do my own YouTube video called "LEAVE EDDIE ALONE!" Seriously. I had a discussion with my roomie Max the other night about Eddie Murphy and his movies. I think Eddie Murphy is a scream for the most part. Yes, "Pluto Nash" and "The Haunted Mansion" are two unfortunate choices in his filmography, and maybe it wasn't the greatest idea to do the record albums with the weird pictures on the cover. But all in all, Murphy rocks! I've enjoyed his humor for a LONG time. One of my favorite sketches? See below..."Kill de white people, but buy my record first..."

Good stuff there...especially when you're a misunderstood white girl from Iowa who thinks her whole racial category is SOOOOOOOOO lame.

So let's go on here...

  • I acquired a kitten over the Christmas holiday and D and I christened it "Trekkie" (for the lovable puppet in "Avenue Q" who sings the timeless favorite "The Internet Is For Porn"). The kitten is two months old. Your favorite bipolar redhead forgot that cute little kitties do many annoying things, such as:
    • Not sleeping at night
    • Not only not sleeping at night, but running all over the bedroom/bed
    • Clawing things (usually me)
    • Biting things (usually me)
    • Looking cute, which causes me to hug her and kiss her head instead of disciplining her the way I should.
  • Sign that Sudie is getting a little long in the tooth: I came home on New Year's Eve and went to sleep at 6:30 PM. What time did I wake up (and stay awake)? 10 AM on New Year's Day. Better get some Geritol or crack...either way.
  • I'm glad I can annoy new readers with my views on life, and that many of my readers keep coming back for more punishment. Good for you! last thing...I need to give out my first award for 2008 - I give you the "Marge Simpson Parenting Award"!

Yep - Today's recipient of "The Margie" is: Priscilla Ceballos.

Reason: I'm sure you all have heard about Ms. Ceballos and her quest to get Hannah Montana tickets for her own little diva-2-be. She was so desperate to win said tickets that she wrote an essay for the wee squab specially engineered to pull the heartstrings of America by stating that her child's daddy was killed in Iraq.

(insert sound of game show buzzer HERE.)

Not only was Daddy not killed in Iraq, Daddy's not even in the army. Grandma on Daddy's side "snitched" (so to speak) and talked to reporters about the whole thing. Here's Mommy's direct quote:

"We did the essay and that's what we did to win. We did whatever we could do to win," Ceballos said in an interview Friday with KDFW-TV of Dallas. "But when (Caulfield) asked me if this essay is true, I said `No, this essay is not true.'"
Judge's comments: Maybe it's just me...did anyone read any kind of apology in this paragraph? Is there an apology in, say, an apocryphal version of this article since I can't find one in this particular listing?


Well, maw and paw always taught me that if I made a mistake of this magnitude, the very least I could do was to say "I'm Sorry". This woman was so desperate to get her little peapod tickets to see good ol' Hannah that she forgot about that whole "LYING IS BAD" thing.

Who would she apologize to?

How about the other entrants of the contest? The company that sponsored the contest? Maybe even Hannah M. herself for "besmirching" the good name of this tween idol? Perhaps.

But I think she needs to make two apologies for sure.

The first one should be to her daughter. Why? Because as a mother, she set a really bad example for her child to follow. She inadvertently taught her daughter that it's OK to lie in order to get what you want, and that lying is part of competition. Neither is true. If anything, she did show her daughter that crime does not pay...but it was through Mommy committing an offense as opposed to Mommy just saying, "This is not the right thing to do" and explaining why!

The second one should be to those families that DID lose loved ones in Iraq and haven't pulled tricks like this to get sympathy. From now on, a small shadow will be following those who've had war fatalities in their family, thanks to this lovely lady. This breaks my heart. I have relatives serving in Iraq, one of whom has a baby boy waiting for him at home, to be loved and cuddled as only a daddy can do. I couldn't imagine what kind of a loss his family would feel if he were killed and people thought the worst about the surviving members.

So thanks a lot, Ms. Ceballos.

Let me turn the question to you, dear hard would it be for you to avoid going this far to get things like this for your child? What would you do in this mother's place?

I wanna know - tell me in the comments.

Now if you'll excuse me, I has a kitten to snuggle.