Monday, November 19, 2007

Walkin' down memory lane...not sure why other than I made a left turn at Albuquerque...

OK - so I'm a sentimental slob type sometimes. Don't tell anyone, though, because I have a reputation to uphold.

I've been in touch with a few HS classmates lately, and it's a better thing than I realize.


Well...they actually remember nice things about me.

Damn - whod'a thunk that? I sure as hell don't remember them. It's a dirty job but I guess someone's gotta do it. thing I got a kick out of was that one woman remembered that I was the oracle of knowledge regarding Donny Osmond...or at least his favorite color and the "purple socks" connection. Wow.

Another memory related back to me was the fact that for ONE United Methodist Church youth group drama production, I played the role of a "pitiful pink plastic ball". Let's just say the Oscar nominations were not in my favor that year, but I apparently was remembered by one or two people.

Other memories - Iowa All-State Music Camp stuff. A woman named Paige remembered me as being "really kind" to her. I didn't think I was kind to anyone when I was a teenager, but apparently I had my moments. Paige and I both remembered a guy named TJ or JT or something that had this really nasty lookin' polyester suit that actually looked (at a distance) like it was made out of a chenille bedspread. THAT memory is preserved in an 8x10 glossy...a group photo of our Madrigal Choir from that year. He's right in the front row...for all the world to see. (Well, maybe not the whole world, but whoever purchased that picture.)

So more memories have spilled into my brain. I'll be sharing them throughout the blog.

Apparently, some people don't think I'm a colossal dork. Who knew?