Monday, November 12, 2007

Ah - anonymity is fast becoming a thing of the past...

OK - I've had a very brave (using the term loosely) visitor come to El Rancho Sudiegirl this holiday weekend.

Let me tell you about him/her/'s what I know, and I'm a relative IT idiot, so they must be dumber than me. (And to be honest, that's a stretch, ladies and germs.)

  1. Their IP address is
  2. The internet provider they used was Qwest Communications Corporation
  3. The connection was in Ames, IA (I forgot to write down the latitude and longitude but I'll include it later...)
  4. They used a Safari 1.2 browser
  5. They visited the ranch for a little less than 24 hours (to be precise...21 hrs, 19 minutes, 55 seconds)
  6. To be even more specific...their visit STARTED at 8:42 PM central time on Sunday evening, November 11, 2007 and ENDED on Monday evening, November 12, at 6:02 PM.
  7. They left a message asking me how my friend "Erik" was.

Well, I have a few messages for my mystery guest...

  1. Hope you enjoyed the complimentary mint...they are a little stale because I got them at a closeout price from Earl's House of Complimentary Mints, Carpet and Vinyl Remnants. I'm sure the "Howard Dean 2004" wrappers gave 'em away.
  2. I hope this WGA strike is over soon because if someone spends close to a day on my site looking for some dude named after a Viking, there's obviously NOTHING good on the telly. I do have a friend named Erik but haven't talked to him in EONS.
  3. Leave a name and an e-mail at least...if you don't, how the hell am I supposed to answer your question? I realize that Millie (the management staff at the moment until the temp company answers my calls) can be a bit standoffish but she's easily bribed with tuna if she gets a bit pissy about letting you leave a message for Mommy.
  4. Leave the cryptic s**t to the masters/mistresses of the genre. You suck at it. If you want to stalk me, I really shouldn't be able to find you, now, should I? You're supposed to be some ethereal, mist-type creature.

In short, if you come by and visit again, you will be dismayed that you can't comment anymore since you didn't follow the rules of the game. You do not pass go, you do not collect $200.

If you've got an agenda, leave an e-mail so we can discuss it like the "grownups" we're supposed to be.