Tuesday, August 28, 2007

quick celebrity question

I realize I'm a little behind in posting this because of the whole "lack of motivation to write" thing I've been going through.

This is indeed a bummer...Owen Wilson always seemed "together", you know? He's played flaky characters but it didn't seem to carry over into the private sector.

But one thing kind of bugs me with the media...I was watching a video clip from an LA CBS affiliate where the headline says "Hospital Won't Confirm that Owen Wilson Attempted Suicide".

The media is having fun with this.

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it a hospital's responsibility to protect their patients and maintain some kind of confidentiality? I realize it's moot now since he's basically admitted to it in so many words and has asked for privacy in order to heal.

But why - pray tell - does patient confidentiality need to be a big issue with the media in regard to celebrities? Why does the media portray this need for confidentiality as a bad one?

Come on...the man was obviously upset enough in one way or another to try to take his life. He's obviously hurting and has felt like he can't get the help he needs because of...the media finding out.

So, he acts out...he goes to the hospital...and since the cat's out of the bag that Owen's even present, the hospital is trying to say "we can't confirm that Wilson attempted suicide".

They're telling the truth, for God's sake!! Statements like that are usually released by a hospital administrator and PR talking heads, and only Wilson and his doctor knew what was going on before Wilson made an announcement. Therefore, why does the media even get stupid enough to ask a question like that? A hospital administrator may not even KNOW what's going on with every patient at any given time.

This is what pisses me off about the media these days. I understand freedom of speech and freedom of the press, and I do believe in it. But with that freedom comes...gee...what's the word...OH YEAH...RESPONSIBILITY! This kind of stuff (when the media acts like confidentiality is bad and that the Big Bad Wolf or whoever is keeping info from us) gets on my nerves, and I'm sure folks think I am way off the mark on this.

I hope I'm not working in a vacuum here...what do you all think?