Friday, July 06, 2007

Ah-Choo! Fahlunite!

First of all, a happy birthday goes out to one of the more recent celebrity AARP candidates...

Yep, "Sly" Stallone is 61 today!

I respect anyone who goes on The Muppet Show to sing "Only A Bird In A Gilded Cage". However, I couldn't find that clip so here's the next best thing:

You know you've got it bad when you live in a small town, THIS movie is the only one that's playing, and you actually LIKED it.

Truly, I need more therapy. (If Ed H. is reading this, all I can say is "Quit laughing, you!")

Next, I have been named a...

Here is the verbiage that comes with the award:

This “award” is handed down to gals you think are deservin’.
It was originally started by Ms Roberta Ferguson.
So, take the badge, give credit to Roberta,
then pick the rockin’ girls of your choice.

First of all, I was "rocked" by Den Of Wolves (Ms. Flipphead). She has a good blog, so please check her out. I will be adding her to MY list as soon as I get a chance to do more "housecleaning".

Secondly, how am I supposed to pick among my blogfriends as to who "rocks"? Boys, girls, or otherwise classified...they all rock! Oh well...I'll figure it out somehow and get back to ya.


In other aspects of life, here's an interesting question/quote taken from the Associated Press.

What do the Village People movie "Can't Stop the Music," the Queen-scored sci-fi flick "Flash Gordon" and the Olivia Newton-John/ELO musical "Xanadu" have in common?
Sudiegirl's response:
Two out of three of them are crap on a stick? (Ed H. would probably agree on at least one...)

However, the real answer is much more disturbing.

As if the world of theater and film weren't already suffering from lack of new GOOD ideas, now we have carefully:
Yes, they're all cheesy, critically reviled 1980 boxoffice bombs featuring songs from '70s icons, but there is a far more disturbing connection. The first two are now being shopped around as potential theater musicals, and the latter -- delayed by an unfortunate roller boogie accident involving its leading man -- skates onto Broadway on Tuesday.
Great. F**king great.

I realize that the days of Lerner and Loewe, Rodgers and Hammerstein, and Frank Loesser (among others) are gone. Sondheim is still around, and there are newer folks on the scene as well. Of course, nothing says "over the top" like Andrew Lloyd Webber or the folks who wrote "Miss Saigon" and "Les Miserables".

But let me lay it out for you, folks...these films not only should be ignored as fodder for stage shows on Broadway, they should be locked in a vault somewhere and allowed to dessicate.


Let me tell you a story. When Ed H. and I were married, he wanted to see "Xanadu". Never mind that when he saw it before he HATED it, and he actually witnessed his own mother smack herself on the forehead during it (for no other reason than she had to feel something...). Never mind all that...he still wanted to watch it just to revel in its badness.

I didn't necessarily know anything about the film other than hearsay. I think I was going into the fifth grade or sixth grade when it came out, and we didn't get to it for some reason. I didn't really have anything against Olivia Newton-John, Ruthi and I liked ELO, and LOVED Gene Kelly.

But on a fateful October evening, while Ed and I were home nursing various ailments (stomach flu and bronchitis, respectively), we decided we were going to watch it.

At check out time, I figured, "Hey, we checked this film out from the public library...they wouldn't have crappy movies! They're the public library, for Christ's sake! My tax dollars finance them. Hell YES, let's check out this movie!"

Let me lay it out for ya. I had a fever of 102 degrees (or something). I had to sit around the KMart Pharmacy for much longer than I ever intended. Everything hurt, including my hair. OK? I was coughing so much, I sounded like Brenda Vaccaro gargling with lye and razor blades. It was NASTY.

Ed was not much better...he had already barfed several times that day, and he was also feverish and cranky. However, he insisted that we had to watch "Xanadu".

When we got to the big finish...this had to be the WORST scene in the movie.

Ladies and gentlemen, the finale...of..."Xanadu". (BTW, if you read the comments, you'll see that Jules barfed after watching this scene. Consider this a warning, y'all...)

Ed H. got so dizzy from this scene that he went to the bathroom and barfed, came back, watched some more, went back in and BARFED again. It was not pretty.

So, clearly, if "Xanadu" is put on stage, the public's health is indeed at risk. Take it from me!

So on that note...have a great weekend, y'all.