Monday, July 09, 2007

Hooked on Macaronics...

I've been enjoying the task of lookin' for weird words. I must admit today's find was a new one on the Sudiegirl.

Well, life is very...uh...WARM at the present. I had a gig with the big band last night, and it was in the high '80s, but not much humidity to speak of. I can't say the same thing for today. UGH. A friend of mine, her spouse and four (!) kids are in town at the Capital Hilton and I pity them if they try to sightsee in this heat. That's a total eye-opener (followed by heat-stroker).

Well, Chelmsford's meme has proven to be...well...hmmm...what do I say to that? It's certainly unique. My friend Lime had this to say about what she would do if she had a stuffed flying monkey holding a martini glass:

I'd stick him out in the yard instead of one of those non-PC lawn jockeys and give him a shotgun to keep trespassers away. He'd have to prove himself trustworthy though, I can't have him shooting at me when I try to pull into my own driveway. Once I am convinced he is a valuable member of my security personnel I'd also give him all the bananas he'd want, or whatever it is he eats. I dunno, with fangs like that I am betting he wants something more than a nanner...maybe Paris Hilton...yes that's it! I will feed him all the vapid celebrities I get sick of reading about in the news when there is real news to be had.

I knew I liked her for some reason. Ed H's response was short and sweet...and yet, so profound.

Jules had ideas too, and while they weren't unexpected, they certainly were appropriate!

Somehow, Michelle thought that the MONKEY was Chelmsford as opposed to Chelmsford being a sweet kitty cat. Sorry, ma'am. If I had a pet that looked like the flying monkey, I wouldn't have it for very long. It'd be down the garbage disposal quicker than you can say "Jack Robinson".

Hoss hasn't answered the meme yet, and Prunella is at a strippers' convention.

So the answers done be tricklin' in, folks...

And finally, I have two wondrous clips to share with you from "Avenue Q". It's coming to DC in November, and I REALLY want to go. It should be FUN FUN FUN!!!

And number 2: