Wednesday, June 20, 2007

yeah yeah...a meme...i know...shut up or i'll tag you

I swiped this from my friend Linda's MySpace site, but I figured it was interesting so I filled it out.

Here we go...

1] What was the highlight of your week?
Finding out that my mom and aunt are coming to visit at the end of the month!

2] Who's car were you in last?
My room-mate's.

[3] when is the next time you will kiss someone.
I'm not really sure...maybe this weekend, maybe this afternoon. i just don't predict it until the lips hit my face..

4] What color shirt are you wearing?

5] How long is your hair?
a couple inches past my shoulders, so i think it's classified as LONG (but I have a stumpy neck so I don't know).

8] Last movie you watched?
Anchorman (for the umpteenth time...I LOVE RON Burgundy!)

9] Last thing you ate?
Some cream-filled donut thing

10] Last thing you drank?
Diet Pepsi from the cafeteria

11] Where did you sleep last night?
my bed

13] Are you happy right now?
uh...yeah...right. I'm a mixture of pissed, giddy, and generally indifferent.

14] What did you say last?
"So you don't know the name of the song or who sang it but you want me to look it up?" (said to DD when he requested chords for a song)

15] Where is your phone?
On an end table by the television (livingroom)

17] What color are your eyes?
gray-blue (like my dad's).

21] Who/what do you dislike currently?
OH LORD...give me a pad, a pen and 1/2 an hour...where do I begin??? I don't want to say everything/everyone, but sometimes that's not completely off the mark.

22] What are you listening to?
Johnny Mathis, "It's Not For Me To Say" (yeah, I like cheesy '50s lounge music)

23] If you could have one thing right now what would it be?
A big frosty mug of beer.

24] What is your favorite scent?
I have several...White Shoulders perfume, Drakkar Noir (for guys), new crayons, "Barbie Case", new car, chocolate chip cookies...

25] Who makes you happiest right now?
My cats, my nieces and nephew. The room-mate kind of made me angry this morning, and the boyfriend's being a puke so the kids and the cats win.

26] What were you doing at midnight last night?

30] Are you left-handed?

34] What's for dinner tonight?
Haven't thought that far ahead

35] When Is Your Birthday?
February 9 (take note...lots of gifts and/or money...greatly appreciated...thank you, the management)

36] Who was the last person to send you a text message?
Courtney (niece)

38] Last time you went swimming in a pool?
Does a hot tub count as a pool? If so, then Christmas 1998

39] Where was the last place you went shopping?
Eckerd Pharmacy

40] How do you feel about your hair right now? needs to be trimmed but other than that i'm OK

41] Do you have any expensive jewelery?
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH that's a good one.

46] Where does most of your family live?
Iowa, Illinois, and other scattered places. wish some of 'em lived on the moon but we can't have everything.

47] Are you an only child or do you have siblings?
One sister, older.

48] Would you consider yourself to be spoiled?
no, but i'd like to be. any takers?

49] What was the first thing you thought when you woke up?
i don't wanna get up...can i fake a seizure and stay home from work?

50] Do you drink beer?
Not a lot...i like Heineken when I do drink.

52] Myspace or Facebook?
I have both

53] Do you have T-Mobile?
nope - virgin mobile prepay baby!

54] What is your favorite subject in school?
not in school...back in school, i liked music, english, some science, history (when i didn't have an idiot teacher), and french.

57] Do you have any talents?
I sing, i do calligraphy, i crochet, i can type 70+ words per minute

58] Have you ever been IN a wedding?
I have sung in several weddings, and have been maid of honor in 2, bridesmaid in one...personally, i don't like going to weddings unless i have something to do and i can leave early.

59] Do you have any children?
Nope...two cats.

60] Did you take a nap today?
not yet, I need one

62] Ever met anyone famous before?
Kevin Mahogany (Grammy winning jazz singer), Chick Corea (grammy winning jazz pianist - talked to him on the phone).

63] Do you want to be famous one day?
Why the hell not? It'd piss a lot of people off and make me laugh so why not?

64] Favorite Actor?
George Clooney, Cillian Murphy, Brad Pitt, Steve Carell, Johnny Depp

65] Are you multitasking right now?
Uh...sure, why not?

66] Could you handle being in the military?
No...that's why I respect the ones that serve. They're doing something I can't do, and they do it well.

67] What is your average cell phone bill?
Prepay baby!

68] Do you believe in Karma?
Well, I did when it ran over my dogma...

69] Last time you went to the gym or worked out?
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Another good one.

70] How many pairs of shoes do you own?
Well, my closet looks like a centipede exploded or Imelda Marcos was having a yard sale.

71] Last place you drove your car?
To work this morning

73] What are you doing today?

74] Have you ever been gambling?
a couple times

77] Ever been to Disneyland/world?

78] Do you have a favorite cartoon character?
OH...MY...Cheese from "Fosters' Home for Imaginary Friends", Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and Droopy Dog.

79] Last thing you cooked?
Spaghetti with sauce

80] Hows the weather?
rainy, gray, humid

81] Do you e-mail?

82] Whats the stupidest thing you ever did with your cell phone?
I don't know...I do lots of stupid things and don't have time to categorize them.

83] Last time you were sick?
the week before Memorial Day

84] Do you think anyone will repost this?
Maybe...not worried about it

85] Where did your last kiss take place?
outside the car

86] Who knows a secret or two about you?
my therapist

86] Three words to explain why you last threw up?
i was overheated

87] Have you ever burned yourself?
a few times...i think everyone does.

88] What's crazy to you?
abusive men, the concept of class reunions being fun when you went to a dinky-ass high school

89] how many siblings do you have?
I answered this before...check your work, ye who put the questions together...

90] Who is probably talking a load of crap about you right now?
Who isn't? Right now, I'd guess pretty much...everyone on my dad's immediate side of the family.

91] Who is the most experimental person you know?
Experimental as in the subject of experiments in a biology lab? Or experimental as in they try new things? Again, clarity is of the utmost importance...

92] Who do you want to be with right now?
Well...I'd have to say...either my cats or my current, not-sure-how-long-it's-gonna-last-but-it's-a-hell-of-a-ride man.

93] Your motivation for tomorrow?
Uh...not sure...maybe a jazz rehearsal in Frederick, MD tomorrow night. If I am inspired to go. I might stick my head in the oven instead.

95] Last thing you did that ticked off your parents?
OH LORD...every day of my life i think i ticked off one or the other. You're asking me to PICK? That's like asking Donald Trump which dollar is his favorite.

96] Last thing you drank?
hello?? That was question number 10

97] Do you like someone right now?
I hate that definition...are we saying like as in "enjoying one's company" or like as in "stick my tongue down their throat"? I always get confused on that one.

98] Have you ever cleaned up someone else's vomit?
yep - between aunt-hood and a good and caring friend to drunks in college, i've cleaned spew.

99] Have you ever dropped food on the floor and eaten it?

100] Do you kiss your pets on the mouth?
Nope - on the top of the head

101] What's your favorite season?

102] What fictional serial killer do you find most disturbing?
Well...not disturbing, but Dexter (from the TV show and book series). Plus, the actor that plays him is tres tres hot.

103] Would you ever work in a retirement home?
i did it, and i hated it. nothing's worse than pureeing roast beef. however, i'm cool with going to nursing homes and singing for the residents.

104] Do you believe plants have feelings?
I think so, but that doesn't keep me from killin' em. i have a black thumb.

105] Do you have nervous twitches?

106] Are you ever purposely irritating?
uh - yeah. that's my life's manifesto. that, and "eat all the ice cream you can find".

107] If you could fly, where would you go first?
away from work.

108] Love or lust?

109] One best friend or 10 acquaintances?
how about 10 best friends? :-D (keeping this answer)

110] Favorite food?
spaghetti, pizza, tacos, shrimp, lobster bisque

111] Do you still talk to your first love?
nope - e-mail, though...

112] What upcoming event are you waiting and ready for?
when my mom comes to visit next week

114] Do you get your nails done?
used to - don't anymore

115] What was the last thing you ordered at McDonald's?
snack wraps, small fries, diet coke

116] Are you an emotional person?
uh...yeah...gotta take meds for it

117] Do you like your name?
eh...used to hate it, now i've come to terms with it.

118] Do you still talk to the last person you kissed?

119] Do you have plans this weekend?
cleaning cleaning cleaning

120] Do you get along with your parents?
yes...very much...i miss my dad most every day since he passed, and talk to my mom every day.

121] What are you listening to right now?
Patti Austin on my computer

122] Biggest fear?

123] Favorite place to be?
in bed sleeping or at barnes & noble reading a book

125] Do you hate anybody?
oh PLEASE...again, it's ME we're talkin' about here...of COURSE I do.

126] Does anyone hate you?
well, i think doug's parents do since i called off the wedding. no great loss, fact, it's considered a PLUS. beyond that, if someone else hates me, who cares?