Thursday, April 26, 2007

bless me oh blogosphere for i have sinned.

Yeah, yeah...I know my writing frequency has waned. As you can see, even the dog on the left is pissed at me.

I'm not sure why I haven't been writing so much. I think it's all the up and down stuff in my personal life...sometimes I feel that's all I have to talk about. While I'm sure you all want to get a glimpse inside my oh-so-fabulous lifestyle, I'm sure you'd get sick of the same old stuff day after day. Right?


Therefore, let's start out today's entry with the one and only Mel Brooks imitating Frank Sinatra singing "God Bless America".

You've gotta love it, folks...

Next, happy news (I guess)...Rosie O'Donnell is leaving "The View". I work for a living and have no desire to set my VCR up to tape that show every weekday, so the only time I even know it exists is because her stupid face is in the news every other day because she can't keep her damn mouth shut. Lovely.

Oh's nice that she cares about autism and depression and wants to do special reports on that. Hey, wait a minute...I care about things! Where the hell's MY special report on "The View"? I've got something to say, I'm plus-sized and mouthy. I want my spot, damn it! Who's with me?

(OK, quit laughing now...)

I also learned yesterday that I should be VERY thankful I'm not a parent OR a grandparent that happens to live right next door. My mom spent the majority of her day running around and bailing out the grandchildren like they were rowboats riddled with holes.

Cameron (the boy-o) was fairly easy to work with yesterday, but the GIRLS were another story. Courtney forgot to get a birthday card...Chloe forgot her track shirt and money for the track picture...Courtney left her leather jacket and cell phone in one of the restrooms at the junior al.

So on that note, I am thanking Big Ernie that I do not have offspring and that my cats aren't allowed to leave the house.

Yeah, amen.

PS: I've gotten four hits today off a blog whose owner hates my guts. That's pretty cool, isn't it? If you know who you are, drop a note in the to hear from ya!