Monday, April 30, 2007

Mai Tai Monday (yep, I need one...or six...)

Thought for Today:
"Love demands infinitely less than friendship." — George Jean Nathan, American author and critic (1882-1958).

Sudiegirl's response:
Uh...what? Mr. Nathan, thank goodness you're dead because I'd punch you in the face for this saying. Love and friendship BOTH demand less, if both are true and steady. They both also demand MORE if you give a damn about either. Grrrr...I hate pithy sayings like that. (Gee, how ironic from the woman who cancelled her wedding and broke someone's heart in the process.)

OK...remember when I voluntarily watched golf on Easter Sunday? (Of course you do...I have several comments from people asking if I was off my meds when this event took place. For the record...NO, I wasn't.)

Well, hold on to your hats, gets better.

DD (aka Skippy) has started teaching me how to play!

(quit laughing...I mean it...)

It was a bit weird. On Friday night, we played "moonlight golf". That is, he started teaching me how to hit golf balls in his backyard, with a small halogen lamp giving us light to play by. Imagine your favorite redheaded bipolar karaeoke diva swingin' a golf club and trying to hit tiny white balls at 10 PM on a Friday. It was real interesting. However, less swear words were uttered by me than I thought. I'm not sure if the same can be said for my golf instructor.

Golf lessons resumed again on Sunday afternoon/early evening (gorgeous weather for it too...) and I did a little bit better. Let's just say my career as a "twilight golfer" is not as promising as one might seem.

Beyond that, my moods are staying kind of stable, although I have to say I'm trying to keep myself from thinking...if things were different, I'd be married on Saturday.




One thing is proceeding according to plan...D's friend Mark is coming in from Illinois and they'll be bonding (seeing sights, etc). That's really about it.

As far as the rest of it...I tear up. I feel exceedingly guilty. I feel like I've disappointed everyone in the free world that's associated with this event. People tell me not to, but too's happening anyway. I don't know what's going to happen with the rest of my life. I don't know anything about anything. Hell, my landlady called me at work this morning and I about broke down in tears. How (ab)normal is that?

I know I've done the right thing, but why does the right thing hurt so much?

In other tangents...

This is what happened fifteen years ago today. I remember watching the footage on the news with my future in-laws and future hubby. We all shook our heads in disbelief. The rage...the violence...unbelievable. I would have been married fifteen years to hubby #1 if things had not gone south. How time flies when you're not having fun.

NEXT...haven't given a "D'Oh!" in a while...

Subtitle: Free beer...sure, I'll give myself up!

Recipient: Un-named German cell phone thief.
Reason: Well, the article was REALLY short so I will reproduce it in its entirety:

A German phone thief led police right to his front door when they called the stolen mobile to say he had won some free beer and he willingly gave his address.

"An officer called and said, 'You've won a crate of beer'," said a spokesman for police in the eastern town of Neustrelitz Friday.

"Then he asked where he lived so he could drop the beer off, and the guy told him. I think the man was drunk."

Judge's comments: there REALLY anything more that needs to be said about this? Other than I think this guy's thought patterns aren't necessarily altered whether drunk or sober? Nope...not really. However, if I were that police officer, I would have probably gotten the case of beer for the guy anyway...considering he's ready to give everything ELSE up for it, it's pretty much all he's got to live for. Call me a soft touch, I guess.

Next, the coveted "Huh?" Award...a special Phil Spector edition.

Yep, the "Huh?" Award - Phil Spector edition is rockin' today. We've got TWO (count 'em) instances where the "Huh?" is definitely well-suited. Definitely.

First: Let's give a hand to Spector's "Wall of Defense" team.
Reason: They're going to try and prove the following: (quote taken from article)

A lawyer for Phil Spector told jurors Thursday that a host of scientific evidence analyzed by the country's top forensic experts will prove the music producer was standing too far from the actress he is accused of murdering to have pulled the trigger.

In her opening statement, the lawyer also revealed that tests on the tops of the bullets that remained in the gun, the part touched when loading ammunition, found Lana Clarkson's DNA, but not Spector's.

OK...I'm sure people will find flaws in my thinkin', but I just want to know a couple things.

  1. What does "standing too far from the actress he is accused of murdering to have pulled the trigger" even mean? How close does the man have to be? It seems to me that guns were invented so you could take someone out without coming right up next to them and bashing their heads in with a rock or blunt instrument of some sort. I don't get this.
  2. The remaining bullets in the gun having Lana Clarkson's DNA but not Spector' THIS is weird. I'll give Spector's lawyers this one. The only thing I can think of is that the gun was Clarkson's in the first place and she had already loaded it. I'm not up to date on the rest of the stuff...did Spector's fingerprints come up on the gun itself?
Now HERE'S a line I just TREASURE from this article...might use it myself when situations call for it:

"The absence of evidence is absence of proof of guilt and evidence of proof of innocence," (Attorney Linda) Kenney-Baden told jurors repeatedly.

Yeah...and I'm my own grandpa.

Next...the prosecution is callin' up their witnesses. Yep...women who have been subject to Spector's weirdness are coming out and testifying. (They should also form a support group, but that's just my two cents talking.)

This story is really quite compelling, and I have to say that if I had ever been a fan of Phil Spector's, I wouldn't be now. Thank goodness my musical taste has not been compromised. One word...FREAK.

Anyhoo...I'm going to leave you with the laughing baby. Why? Just because I can. He's just TOO CUTE!

Bye Folks...