Monday, February 05, 2007

Mournin' for Da Bears...

My boy of the best parts of last night's Super Bowl.

Unfortunately, Da Bears didn't win. They started out great, but lost momentum and let those stupid Indianapolis Baby Horses in. (For those of you who are still waking up, Baby Horses are known as "colts"...get it?)

I did get caught up in the game, much to my chagrin. I usually don't get wrapped up in that stuff, but wrapped I did. I scared the cats a couple of times when I yelled in joy at a good play.

What surprised me was D's reaction. Neither of us are sports fans as a rule...but HE took Da Bears' defeat harder than I did. (Granted, he also had a "forty" of malt liquor, so that might have been a factor in his mental state...) I figure, HEY...both teams get paid whether they win or's just the winning team gets more stuff.

But boy Prince was the real winner. His half-time show kicked a** and took names. He didn't have a monster band behind him that I could see, but he played his heart out. The only flaw in his show? The tambourine player. If I were costuming the show, I would have picked out a costume for her that was a bit more flattering and still funky. As it was, it was that kind of nasty-lookin', "yeast infection just waiting to happen" look. She didn't detract that much from Prince, though. Here's a video from last night's performance:

PS: The marching band also kicked a**.

The other musical performer of the evening was Billy Joel.

Don't get me wrong - I like Billy Joel's music. Really...I do. He's an awesome composer, and a good performer all in all. But I just wasn't moved by his performance of "The Star Spangled Banner" as much as I could've/should've been.

It's a preference thing, I guess - I like the National Anthem done a-capella. I think my favorite version of the Banner is when Huey Lewis and the News did it in the late '80s for a World Series game. It was nice and tight, and simple. Not that Billy Joel didn't know what he was doing musically - far from it. I just thought he seemed - well - UNCOMFORTABLE with it. It is a difficult song to sing (I know from experience), but he just seemed strained. Maybe it's just my perception...but I'd like to think that I know a smidge about it. BTW, to whoever staged the pre-game show, NICE use of Marlee Matlin for signing the National Anthem. She's so expressive...I like watching her in action.

Here's the clip:

So anyway...those are my opinions and I'm stickin' to 'em. As far as my favorite commercial is concerned...I'd have to say it's a tie between the Snickers commerical with the two mechanics and the "Robert Goulet" commercial (about the three o'clock PM slump when Robert Goulet comes in and messes everything up).

I'll have a regular post coming right up...

Sudiegirl (the Super-Bowled Out)