Saturday, February 03, 2007

Slovenly Saturday

How true is THAT cartoon?
Anyway...sorry I didn't post yesterday, as I was both busy and uninspired.
However, today was a bit more mellow. D and I went to our therapist's house, expecting a regular session (we're doing couples therapy to supplement the stuff we're doing through the church).
When we arrived at Lanie's (our therapist) home/office, she had other plans. Well, not exactly OTHER, more like ADDITIONAL. She's an older lady (in her 60s), and a tiny li'l thing. She needed Doug's help to move some furniture around in her upstairs office, which turned into a small re-arranging of furniture session, and that evolved into unhooking/rehooking up the computer in her office.
It was funny how D and I gravitated to the tasks we did best. D is smart, but doesn't know how to hook up a computer and he IS stronger than me and lifts heavy stuff better than I do. D gets frustrated with untangling wires, and to be honest, I really like untangling stuff. Once, when I was a kid, I untangled all of my sister's necklaces and it actually calmed me down a bit. I'm the one who really likes gizmos; D would live without them if possible.
But while we worked, we had our therapy session. It was kind of a mixed bag...we talked about relationship stuff, Sudie stuff, D stuff...and worked at the same time. Lanie's counseling style is one that I seem to warm to, as does D. She isn't a cold fish - she's warm, she listens, she is an effective mediator, and she has a sense of humor. I've had therapists who don't have a lick of humor (at least in their work). I don't get that, but then again, I'm not a therapist.
But the three of us were just as happy as clams...untangling wires, moving things, shoo-ing the dog away from stuff, and other things that three friends would be doing on a Saturday morning. If you walked in on the situation, you wouldn't know that it was a therapy session dealing with a bipolar patient, a clinically depressed patient, and the issues therein.
That's what I like about this presents you with raw materials. You make the partnerships and the situations with what the world just kind of throws at your feet. Heck, sometimes they actually work...and work well! more thing...please stop by Jules' blog. She's a dear blogger friend of mine (I've linked to her many times) and she's going through more hell than anyone should...her son is having legal troubles in Florida, and her blog recounts it rather well. If you are inclined to pray, please pray for her and the troubles she and her son face. I know I am.