Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Whiner Wednesday

Actress Carol Channing is 86...

This woman is INCREDIBLE. Yes, she's eccentric, but she's also incredible. Click here to go to the Wikipedia entry that gives a biographical sketch of her life. While a sketch doesn't completely do her justice, you'll find an incredible (condensed) story.

I didn't realize that Barbra Streisand lobbied for the role of Dolly Levi so much...looking back, Carol Channing would have been a much better choice. But then again, what do I know? I also liked "Hudson Hawk".

But anyway - HAPPY Birthday to the woman who SHOULD have played Dolly Levi.

I apologize for yesterday's post being so whiny, "me me me". I guess I need another therapy session or two to work all that crap through my system. Oh well...I'll get there.

Anyway, more cold weather, but oddly enough, I'm OK with it. Band practice on Thursday night, cake afterwards to celebrate a retirement, nothing much on Friday, lots of stuff on Saturday, coma on Saturday night, Stupor Bowl on Sunday. I'm debating on taking my birthday off so I can go to the store and stock up on Geritol and Metamucil, but only if I can get double coupon savings for it. (DRAMATIC? ME? Heaven forbid...) My birthday is also payday, so maybe I should go to work, but maybe I can weasel out of it. Hmmm...have to get those sneaky brain cells of mine to rub together.

I did get some nice pics from the sister-unit...her friend and my mom's housemate made a cool shadow box for Chip (the brother-in-law) as kind of a memorial to his dad. It really turned out nicely - there were some good pictures, as well as different items that kind of symbolized Chip's dad and "who he was". There was a toy semi glued to it, a tiny cribbage board, M&M characters, and other things. It was such a sweet thought. I may ask her to make one for me to give to D and one for D to give to me, or else we can display them at our wedding reception. It'd be kind of nice to have, I think...Hmmm...I'll get Mom on it.

The Bears are gonna WIN IT!!! WOO-HOO! (sorry - had some team spirit...won't happen again)

OK...enough personal crap. Let's get some awards rollin', eh?

New Award! New Award!

Yes, in honor of heinous breaches of the Hippocratic Oath, Rancho Sudiegirl has created this award. I know that everyone has dealt with at least one physician of questionable competency, but the ones that make the news are the worst ones. So let's take a look at today's recipient (in this case, a psychologist):

Name: Bruce Beaton, 64 - a psychologist from Australia.

Reason: Oh, the first paragraph says it so well...

SYDNEY, Jan 30 (Reuters Life!) - An Australian psychologist charged with indecently assaulting a patient told a court on Tuesday that forcing his female patient to wear a dog collar and call him master was within a psychologist's ethical guidelines.
So apparently, this Aussie therapist is curing neuroses the Woodhouse Way! Let's see some gory details, shall we?

Beaton was arrested when police, who had been secretly video recording the session with the woman, heard whipping sounds, reported Australian Associated Press from the court.

Beaton told the court he resorted to master-servant treatment with his bulimic patient because other methods had failed. He said he thought forcing the woman to wear a dog collar and call him master would build a more trusting relationship.


Double plus bonus: Here's what the doc had to say...

He said such treatment was allowed by the Australian Psychological Society. "It is right within the ethical guidelines," Beaton told the court.

"I am not saying it would be all right if I hit her. I did not hit her," he said. The trial continues.

Judge's response:

Uh - hmm...nope. Not gonna buy it.


Well, it's (at best) bizarre as hell and (at worst) cruel. Jeez...if the patient is bulimic and into punishing herself, that's UNHEALTHY. Repeat after me...UN-HEALTH-Y. Bulimia is a very real mental/physical problem. It's one of the few mental illnesses that also manifests itself in the physical realm. (Read Marya Hornbacher's memoir "Wasted" to get further insight)

As a psychologist, isn't it your job to work with the patient and help her find positive ways to behave? I've never been to Australia, but apparently, their eating disorder treatment philosophy leaves a lot to be desired.

Thank God he's not my therapist; if he tried that doggie stuff, I'd bite him and give him rabies. (Of course, that doesn't speak very highly of me that I'm a rabies carrier, but maybe more jerks will steer clear of me...ya think?) new's a little different format than usual. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the "Hang 'Em High Club".

This list is for special folks whose actions are so heinous in the legal sense that Rancho Sudiegirl, Inc. (in our infinite wisdom...meaning me and the cats) feels they deserve public flaying of the verbal kind.

Without further adieu...take your pick folks...

We've got a note taking child molester from California...

We've got the "Widowmaker", a woman who poisoned her husband (a Marine), so she could get his life insurance and some breast implants (among other things)...and...

We've got an honors student by day, alcoholic/Xanax popping murderer by night.

All shining jewels in the crown of humanity. NOT. Anyway, click on the links for each one to read just how heinous these folks are, and then if you're not thinkin' "Hang 'Em High", you should be.

So...with a renewed sense of faith in humanity, I remain your ever-lovin', smoke free since 2001,