Thursday, February 01, 2007

My selection for "Perfect Post" in January 2007

This is the first time I've ever given a Perfect Post award, but believe me...this blogger and her post earned it for January.

Groovygrrl is a mother, a teacher, a soapmaker, a wife, a writer, and a friend. Her blog actually celebrates its three year "blogiversary" in Februry, so I figure this is as good a present as any.

She and I are from the same state, and we also went to the same college, and apparently took creative writing back in the day. Our teachers were grad students in the Writers' Workshop (yes, THE writers' in the very prestigious one that boasts several great writers as alumni/alumna), so those who got into these classes were very fortunate. The waiting lists were GINORMOUS.

While I don't remember much about mine thanks to the haze of Desert Storm that my head was in, Groovygrrl wrote about her experiences with her creative writing instructor. He should be proud of her...she's an incredible writer. The post I've linked to above is the post I thought should be designated "PERFECT".

So Groovygrrl, this "Perfect Post" is for you, dahling. Maybe that will help you feel better after the yards of snow you have been dealing with in Colorado.

If you want to award a perfect post for someone next month, go visit Lindsay & Lucinda at OR MommaK at If you leave them a comment and tell them about who you want to honor for February, they'll make it easy for you to give other bloggers their due.

If you go visit this post, please tell Groovygrrl that I sent you, but also read her past entries. She's got some great stories to tell, and some good soap to sell.