Monday, January 29, 2007

Munchy Monday

First question of the day -

Is it possible to agree with someone's political ideas but be irritated as hell about her personality to the point where you wouldn't consider voting for her?

Second question:

Do I have to vote for a Democratic woman candidate just because I have ovaries too?

(Gee, have you figured out who I'm talking about yet?)

Furthermore, isn't it a bit EARLY to be worrying about this? After all, the first caucus of the '08 season isn't happening until...let's see...NEXT YEAR???? Even with the Barack Obama "Cutie Patootie" ticket being something that puts a sparkle in my eye should wait. (Gives me time to design the tee-shirts and bumper stickers if nothing else...)

I'm sorry - to me, this is akin to putting Christmas stuff out in stores in September. Sometimes you can be TOO early, and suffer burnout by the time things really start to count politically.

Enough of the politics...that's not what we're all about here.

Original agenda item #1...Whitney's pullin' a "Maggie May" here!

If gossip rags and PR folks are to be believed, Whitney's got a newer model in the stable. Brandy's little brother, Ray J, to be exact. Click here and here for details.

You know, there's a lot to be said about a younger man. I've gone that route, and if you want a no-strings, satisfying in bed type thing, then go young. I did...oh, my, did I. I was 25, he was 19, and I was a happy li'l monkey. Of course, I was an idiot, and actually wanted a relationship out of the whole thing. Not a good call on my part.

Why? Because (no offense to young men reading this, BTW) girls mature faster than boys. My younger man, as satisfying as he was, was not as mature as I thought when it came to making life decisions. It frustrated me NO END. But at least I have memories of barely being able to walk after a Saturday night. Whoo baby.

So GO GIRL! Do it for all us women that could stand a few days in the sack with a young 'un.


My friend Mr. Fab has a great post about the "Toilet Paper Rules" in his home. Click here to read further.

I must admit, toilet paper is an important thing, and D and I argue about the same issues (when we're not arguing about four pound cans of tuna). So go visit Mr. Fab and share the love - if you haven't visited him before, tell him Sudiegirl sent you. That'll make him sweat.

A couple of awards are due...haven't given any as of late. First, another edition of "Things that Make You Go D'oh!"...

Recipient: the Florida State Division of Licensing (the office that handles firearms licensing)

Reason: The article says it so well in the first paragraph as well as the second, so I'll give ya both!

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - Hundreds of criminals were able to obtain concealed weapons permits in Florida because of loopholes, errors and miscommunication, a newspaper reported Sunday. An analysis of state records show the roughly 410,000 Floridians licensed to carry hidden guns included 1,400 who had pleaded guilty or no contest to felonies, 216 with outstanding warrants, 128 named in active domestic violence injunctions and six registered sex offenders, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported.
That's a big "OOPS" right there.

Also, you know there's an error in the system when someone on the advisory board has this to say:

"I had no idea," said Baker County Sheriff Joey Dobson, who sits on an advisory panel for the state Division of Licensing, which issues permits for carrying concealed weapons.
Mr. Dobson continued:
"I think the system, somewhere down the line, is broken. I guarantee you the ordinary person doesn't know (that) ... and I'd venture to guess that 160 legislators in Florida don't know that, either."
Something tells me Sheriff Dobson was a bit surprised his own bad self.

Of course, the NRA jumps in, using complimentary terms like "bleeding-heart liberals". Mud flies everywhere, as is the usual case with arguments regarding gun control.

Judge's comments:

These numbers should scare the crap out of you - they did me.

The newspaper said it found that concealed weapons permits have soared from roughly 25,000 in 1987, the first year carrying a concealed gun was legal in Florida, to more than 410,000.

In Miami-Dade County, the number of licenses jumped from 2,200 to 42,521 as of Dec. 31, and in Broward County, which includes Fort Lauderdale, it went from 25 to 35,884.

You regular readers should know by now that I don't have a problem with responsible gun owners having a rifle or pistol as long as they understand they can't have one anymore if they break the law.


Should it matter if they were shoplifters or rapists? Yes, it should. You broke the law...therefore, you pay penalties. That includes being barred from gun ownership.

I grew up with responsible gun owners that knew the magnitude of the items they possessed. If you don't obey laws, you lose the privilege of gun ownership. I'm not a bleeding-heart liberal...I don't have a problem with people owning guns as long as they understand what they're getting into and act responsibly.

This is ridiculous. I guess I am very glad that I don't have a gun, that D and I are on the same page with handgun issues, and that my dad and I aren't discussing this.

Finally, my "Seal of Approval" goes to assorted vendors for their unique Valentine's Day presents. Yes, if someone has pissed YOU off this Valentine's Day, you can choose from some delightful products, including:

** A card that (upon opening) "flips the bird".
** A dead fish
** Dead roses, stems of roses without the blooms, or funeral wreaths
** Poison pen letters to a former lover
** Melted chocolate (milk or bittersweet, your choice)

You gotta admit, those services make my heart leap with joy. Now I just have to put together a list of victims - er, um - RECIPIENTS.