Sunday, January 28, 2007

Catch up

Sorry I haven't left a post in a few days - when the weekend comes around, D and I have stuff to do. Then I nap. Then we do more stuff. Then I nap again (or sleep, if it's bedtime).
I'm also trying to keep up with variety in my posts, so I don't do the same ol' schtick.
One thing however - I am REALLY glad that D and I didn't take the Metro into DC on Saturday.
Two words - PROTEST RALLY.
Don't get me wrong...I like political debate, and I DISLIKE the war and all the pain and sadness that go along with it.
But one thing, above ALL else, clinched my final decision.
Now, y'all might ask me this:
"Jeez, Sudiegirl, if you don't like crowds, why did you move to the
nation's capitol?"

Well...that is a good question. And it requires a good answer. Barring that, we have my answer, which is thus:
Gentle readers...there are crowds and there are CROWDS. To further illustrate, say I'm on my way to work and become enmeshed in one of our famous traffic jams. I gotta go to work, right? Right. Therefore, if I gotta go to work, there's no way in hell I can make it to the nearest Metro station or bus stop, and everyone gets the same idea to find the same alternate route that WE normally use, then D and I are pretty much stuck. That's the example of the "crowd" definition (the former, that is).
THEN...we have CROWDS.
Why is this differentiated by all caps? Well, because it's a reckless and fool-hardy type of thing. This type of CROWD isn't a this case, the Washington Post publicized it well, showing where it would be happening, which streets would be marked off, which Metro stops to use, etc. The anticipated crowd size is, in short, made known. It ain't a good place to be when one is prone to anxiety attacks and a bit too heavy to be lifted up over the crowd like you might see at a Rolling Stones concert.
Therefore, if D and I had decided to go to the National Mall "just because", we would be asking for trouble. We might as well wear signs that say, "Please mug us!" with red arrows pointing to where our valuables are (on our person), and complimentary maps to our home and where the rest of the good stuff is.
I do hope that the rally was successful in its efforts. I may anger some of my readers, but it's just my opinion. I'm not a military strategist of any sort - I just remember the pain and fear of WAITING. My first husband was in Desert Storm, and while I hate his guts now, I loved him then. He suffered a great deal in his way, and that kind of pain doesn't leave a person's mind very quickly, even with help.
Let's other news, my mother DROVE herself to the grocery store yesterday and went to church today for the first time since her knee replacement surgery. ATTAGIRL, MOM! Her strength and intestinal fortitude amaze me every day. It'll be good to see her this spring for the wedding...not sure who else in my family will be there, but Mom said she would be.
One final thing - I am really, REALLY glad I'm no longer "on the market" as far as dating is concerned. It seems so complicated anymore - background checks, all these questions to answer before you even lay eyes on "your intended". A good friend of mine is still in there pitching, and has requirements he's sticking to. So far, he's been only mildly successful...a few dates here and there but nothing that lights his fire.
It's too bad, really...he's a nice man. He's talented (a free-lance writer AND a musician), smart (he's a map-maker for the FAA), funny, true to himself, and a good friend.
I want to give him some insight on women...maybe help him find his "special lady", but I think I'd be too intrusive in his life. But then I think, "Hey, if a wackjob like ME can find a good man, why can't this much more 'together' man find a good woman?"
So (with his permission, of course), I'm gonna try and help him find his "dream woman".
And with that, I'd better go shopping for Barry White records and check for sales on silk sheet sets...maybe in animal print.
Hey, it's all for the greater good - quit laughing.
(die match macher!)