Friday, January 26, 2007

Feeble Minded Friday

The picture to the left is me.

Why is it me?

Because I am having a hard time coming up with a post idea for today.

I haven't even been able to come up with a "Moment of Dad" post, and usually those just flow out of my brain like water.

It's also hard to know what my readers's so easy to fall into a pattern. I don't want to deal with celebrity crap all the time, but I can really riff on it if I have to. Same with weird news and current events stuff.

But is there a "magic formula" that keeps people interested? I wish I knew.

So I guess I'm just going to write. Period.

It's a ball-freezin' day here in the District metro area. BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Usually, the denizens of DC scream when it's like 35 degrees out with absolutely no wind chill. However, the complaints are legitimate today.

Also, one of the things I do is call my mom every day (I've done it since my dad passed, just to stay in touch). However, she rarely calls me. I'm not sure why...she just doesn't. I guess since I call her, she thinks its enough.

ANYWAY...I had checked in with Mom last night as usual, and then just had my nightly routine (TV, check e-mail and junk, etc). I had just settled down in bed with a good book, and D came in saying, "Your mom's on the phone..."

OH GOD. WHO DIED? (That was the first thought that ran through my head.)

So I go to the phone. "What's up?" I ask.

"Oh, hi Sue, it's Momma. What movie was George Hamilton in where he played a vampire?"

My jaw dropped and I thought, "That's IT? NO bleeding bodies on the road? No plane crash?"

I replied, "Uh - Love at First Bite. Why?"

"Oh, Jennine (her housemate) and I saw George Hamilton in a commercial and I just couldn't remember the movie he was in where he played a vampire. But wait...Jennine has a question too."

So Jennine grabs the phone.

" what's the name of the movie with the lady vampire in it?" (Gee...that's like asking, "What's the name of that song by that guy?")

I said, "Which one? The one with Jim Carrey in it?"

She said, "No, the one that has the lady with the gap in her front teeth."

A-ha! A clue! "Oh, yeah...Lauren Hutton..." I said. "That's Once Bitten, I think."

"OK...I thought that's what it was called. Oh well, here's your mom."

So Mom's back on the phone. "Isn't it nice to know your needed? I told D I wanted to talk to my walking movie encyclopedia."

The same phone habits apply to my sister...I call her regularly, and she never calls me. Go figure...

Once, my sister called me long distance and left a message on my machine simply wanting to know who sang the Joe Raposo song "Sing". She and Mom had gotten into an argument about who sang it at Thanksgiving dinner. Mom said it was on Sesame Street, and Ruth said The Carpenters sang it. I had to inform them that they were both right.

So nobody wants to ask my opinion...or just see what I'm up to, how I'm doing, etc. I'm just an encyclopedia. I don't even get PAID for disclosing important information like this. Researchers get big bucks for this stuff. I suppose I should just appreciate my role in dispensing information for the greater good.

I'm guilty of pigeonholing people too. I call my sister when I want a medical question answered. I call my mom if I have a question about cooking (refer to my four pound can of tuna post or my pickle post). But I do try to call them "just because" to balance things out.

Sigh...what's your favorite bipolar karaeoke diva redhead to do?

Just continue to be cute and charming, I guess.