Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Two special visitors...

I found two quotes attributed to two extra-special, fun-time, family members...why? Because they didn't even leave a note in the comments to say hello when they came to visit me last night.

But don't worry - I have their IP addresses. I'm not sure they even know that those get left behind when they come visit, but left they are. Thank GOD I know where they live as well, so if I have to, I can visit them personally.

PS: The cartoon is just for you too.

Anyway, here are the quotes:

1. I'm warning you boys, I'm a screamer. (Davy Crockett's last words)

2. Anybody could get rich if he could guess the exact moment at which a piece of junk becomes an antique. -Anonymous (But VERY, VERY true.)