Sunday, December 24, 2006

A Christmas tune from your fave bipolar redhead

Gabcast! My thoughts and junk #2

Please forgive the wobbly vibrato, improper breathing and scratchy recording. I'll do better next year. :0)

Anyway, to my old blogfriends, I love you all. I would never have made it this year without you.

To my new blogfriends, thanks for coming to read my blog, and I will try to keep up with everyone's lives the best I can.

To my family (as in Mom, sister, nieces, nephew, aunt, and assorted cousins), I love you all. I know I'm a pain, but I do love you and I'll always do the best I can for you.

To those who don't like me all that much, there's not a lot I can do about that...but I still wish you happy of pain, sadness, and burdens on the heart and soul.

So this is probably one of the last mushy posts I'll have for 2006. Enjoy it...

the Celebratory