Monday, December 25, 2006

It's Christmas, and...

I'm cleaning the bathroom.

Really. That's it...I'm just taking a break from the fumes to drop y'all a line.

We did do Chinese today, at Good Fortune Cafe in the Kentlands Shopping Center here in Gaithersburg. D "cheated" and also got sushi, but that's fine. I did my usual "gringo" order of combo fried rice with no onion or bean sprouts, and that's cool, I guess. I didn't get kicked out of the restaurant, anyway. Of course, I did find something annoying within the experience...actually, two things.

1. The restaurant's sound system repeatedly played an over-the-top orchestral version of "The First Noel"...over and over again. I think it played at least fifteen times in the time we were there eating our meal. Kudos for the Christmas spirit, but we could have had some VARIETY, ya know? Hell, even "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer" would have been a welcome break.

2. Three women sitting behind us also annoyed me. I assume it was a mother and two daughters, but who knows? One of them asked for light soy sauce. I'm not even sure that light soy sauce exists...I thought they all weighed the same.*
(*note...joke present. please laugh. thank you, the management.)

Secondly, I didn't really hear their conversation, but just their voices were enough to create the proverbial "fingernails on chalkboard" effect. They were talking about men, dating, dieting (hence the "light" soy sauce)...and when I actually got a look at them, one thought went through my mind: "It's going to take more than diets, ladies." Their bodies seemed fine...they just had such harsh faces. They looked kind of disdainful, angry, bitter...just unhappy. I'm sure they made fun of my fat a** in my rayon batik pants, but I really don't give a damn, today or ANY day.

So YES...even on this joyous day of celebrations, new beginnings, etc., I can still find a few things to complain about. It's a good thing...sometimes, constancy is very comforting.

God bless us, everyone...and RIP to James Brown. The Godfather of Soul is meeting his maker today, and the pearly gates will be rockin'.

(who must get back to cleaning her bathroom)