Sunday, December 10, 2006 - peek a boo, I see you!

Hello - quick note here -

Some really sweet and considerate person who calls themselves "bcc" left an anonymous comment. According to my stats, it's someone that uses a Mac OS, uses Verizon as their internet provider, and lives in the Washinton DC area.

I don't mind anonymous comments. To be honest, sometimes they teach me good lessons, like how to be more detail oriented in my writing. I think if I had been more detail oriented, the person in question wouldn't have left a comment.

But he/she/it did, so now I have to state something else.

I also don't mind constructive comments - if I've made an error in judgment, an error in research, or if someone doesn't agree with my point of view. As long as the comment sticks to the subject at hand I'm cool.

The main thing, however, is I will have to go through anonymous comments on a case-by-case basis. If it's a regular anonymous commenter (i.e. they leave a name but no contact info, but I know them and CAN contact them if need be) they'll be OK. However, if I don't know who he/she/it are, I will POST the comment, the name on the comment, and the IP address.

I don't want to dis-allow anonymous comments, and I want to show that I'm fair and everything, but I'll be honest - I've gotten burned. I don't want that again. So if you think you're being anonymous, and the above is your actual IP, you might want to have a better plan.

If I've been fooled with a proxy server, shame on me. But please - at least leave me an e-mail address so if I've offended you, we can work it out. Otherwise, I'll have to filter comments more than I do now, or not allow them altogether. I don't want that.

I also know I've shot my mouth off and left comments of an argumentative nature on someone's site before. I am very sorry about that, and now I know how it feels from the other side. So if this is a "teach Sudiegirl a lesson" thing, consider me taught.

Thanks for your cooperation in advance.