Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thermal Thursday

Thought for Today:
"Men are more apt to be mistaken in their generalizations than in their particular observations." — Niccolo Machiavelli, Italian political philosopher (1469-1527).

Sudiegirl's response:
Notice that a MAN made this statement?


First of all, I want you to check out a few blogs.

The first one is called "Caught in Class" and is another blogging project from the fabulous's hilarious. It's kind of like "Overheard in New York", only in the world of school and teachers. I highly recommend it, and it will also be in my blogroll for many days to come.

The second one is called "From DC to Iowa", by Nicholas Johnson. He is a fellow Iowegian who left Iowa, went down to CA and TX, then to DC, then went back to Iowa. His blog is worthy of several reads...he's had quite the interesting life.

The third! Yes, I've started blogging with the Iowa City Press Citizen, and the blog is called "Iowa Expatriate". It's kind of like this blog, only with less pictures and unclean references to George Clooney, and a few more Iowa reminiscences. Please go visit..."Iowa Expatriate" is proven to increase hair growth in laboratory rats from Duluth, Minnesota.

And this sentence marks the end of today's blatant commercial plugs. Thank you.


As you know, since Mr. Fab dropped out of the race for Britney's hand, the remaining contenders are: Bobby Brown, Hank Williams Jr., Eddie Deezen (aka the voice of Mandark from "Dexter's Laboratory"), Donald Fagen, and Wilford Brimley.

So far, Fagen, Brown and Brimley are tied for first place with one vote each. The remaining suitors (Bocephus and Deezen) have no votes as of yet. Come on...quit sleepin' on the job, folks! Britney's future depends on us!

As far as K-Fed's future happiness, it's now a three way tie between Paris Hilton, Jen "Runaway Bride" Wilbanks, and Barbara Walters (they have one vote each). Tonya Harding is in the lead with two votes, but alas, Dame Edna Everage, in spite of her proper breeding, still doesn't have a vote.

Folks, that's profiling! Just because a woman with a British accent that likes showtunes looks like a man, y'all just throw her out without a chance. That's so wrong.

Oh well...they're still making headlines. Mr. and Mrs. Skank have been quite on the links for further info (and some of it may actually be true)!

1. Britney sells her big-ass house.

2. Even the fam hates K-Fed

3. Draft of future Oscar speech: "K-Fed would like to thank God, his mother, and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences...oh, and all the homies in the food court at the Galleria. Peace out!"

4. K-Fed will do anything to get her back, even if it involves craptastic poetry...yo!

5. K-Fed backpedals: "Yeah, that flippin' off thing, and saying f*** you? I was only kiddin'. I really love ya, baby. Yo! Word up!"

6. Even the ex-baby mommy is getting involved, and she says Britney should give K-Fed another chance. Uh - what?

7. Will K-Fed have to work at Domino's? Only time will tell.


I enjoy some of the questions that Yahoo! Answers has...and in the spirit of caring & sharing, I decided I would answer some questions of theirs as well. After all, something might slip through the cracks.

1st question: How do you get rid of furniture indents in your carpet?

The best answer selected was : Those annoying indentations that are left in the carpet after you've moved the furniture can be removed quickly and easily. Place an ice cube in each indentation and let it melt a bit. When the indentation is moist, remove the ice cube and "plump" up the carpet with a widetooth comb.

Another way to remove them is to place a small towel over the indent and iron the area with a hot iron. Be sure to keep the iron moving so that the area does not get too hot.

Sudiegirl's answer:
Don't buy furniture, or else don't get carpet.

OK, here's another one...I'm on a roll, I tells ya!

2. Do anyone have any tips on how to make sure a steak is rare while grilling?

Best answer was:
Use the fleshy part of your hand between your forefinger and thumb to get an idea of how firm the meat is at different levels of doneness. Pinch toward the end of the skin on the webbing between your thumb and forefinger and this would represent a raw rare steak. Move up 2 centimeters and this would represent rare. Another 2 centimeters is about medium rare. Another 2 centimeters would be medium. You get the idea now. When you reach the heel of your hand, this would represent well-done. After a few minutes on the grill you can use your utensils or your fingers if so desired to feel the firmness of the steaks to get an idea of how done they are getting. I learned this from the Executive Chef at the Hyatt Hotel I used to work with from time to time. It is not an exact science but it comes pretty close. Also remember that you will have carryover heat when you take the steaks off the grill. Although you have removed the steaks from the grill, they will continue to cook for a couple of minutes from the heat built up inside the steaks, so take into account the time that they will sit before consumed. Good luck with your cookout and hope this helped you out!

Sudiegirl's answer?
If it moos when you poke it with the meat fork, it's still rare.

Last question: How do i wax my man?

Best answer was:
Make sure the skin is clean and free of natural oils. Dry skin off completely. Apply the wax *with* the hair growth, put your hand on the skin infront of the wax (where there's no wax) and pull the skin tight, then pull your strip *against* the hair growth. So you're using two different pulling actions, one against the other. The tighter the skin is pulled, the smoother the rip will go. As soon as the wax and hair is lifted, place your fingers on the waxed area, the pressure from your fingers will desensitize the nerve endings, you don't have to push hard, just lay gently on skin.

It's hard to do if you haven't been properly trained, but once you do learn, it's a great grooming tool.

Be careful not to pull slowly, always use a quick pulling motion, pulling hair against the growth pattern. If you pull to slowly, you could end up pulling back some skin and causing severe trauma to the skin.

So ..

Step 1: clean skin, dry completely.
Step 2: apply wax in same direction as hair growth, only applying 1 - 2 inch wide strips.
Step 3: place wax pellin (or muslin strip) on wax.
Step 4: Run hand over strip on top of wax, to create heated friction.
Step 5: Use free hand to pull skin taut.
Step 6: Quickly pull pellin or muslin backwards, against the direction of hair growth.
Step 7: Press fingers gently on fresh waxed area to deaden the stinging sensation.
Step 8: Apply an after wax product, that contains mineral oil, to smooth the skin, and help with redness and stickiness.

Good luck.

Sudiegirl's answer:
Get your man good and drunk, and then remember all the times he did something stupid. Then pour the hot wax on and rip it off like there was no tomorrow. Your man will be hairless and you will have your revenge. Good luck!

So with that, I am done for today...thanks for coming, and don't forget to tip your wait staff.