Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Another celebrity rumble...I'm so excited.

The original article is here. Let me lay out my personal views for you, first of all. (Like I've never been able to do that in this blog.)

Well, first of all - I'm not an Aiken fan. Never have been. He just gives me the creeps...between his hair and his "casper the friendly ghost" skin, it's damn spooky. His preference has nothing to do with it. He could desire sheep dipped in chocolate sauce while the Sex Pistols plays in the background and Christmas lights are twinkling all around him. I am just not a fan of his voice or his stage presence. Only one word can describe it - EEEEWWWWW.

Second of all, I am a Kelly Ripa fan. From her start on "All My Children" to the present, I like her a lot. She's funny and engaging, and she's damn good at what she does. She's a good match for the Reege.

But I've got some things to say about Rosie's reaction, and as you all know, I am NOT a Rosie fan. Click HERE and HERE for further verification of that fact. I know that people will say I'm being judgmental of Rosie and may even call me a homophobe. If you read the statement above re: someone's preferences, substitute "he" for "she" and that's how I feel about Rosie's bedroom activities.

But does she really have to be the crusader all the time? Is it necessary to insert that agenda into every situation in the world?

Yes, there are gay rights issues - I acknowledge that. Personally, I try to give everyone a fair shake and not discriminate, and I do get incensed when gays/lesbians are discriminated against. In my opinion, any discrimination is WRONG.

However, let's use this as an example: I am bipolar - does that mean I go around and guess whether someone's mentally ill by using my "bipolar radar"? I work hard NOT to do that...if it comes up in conversation, that's one thing. But I don't spout theories about who's bipolar and who's not, nor do I cry "discrimination" if the situation is questionable. (Note: I did post once about guessing that someone was bipolar, but that person mentioned his mental history first and then I guessed at specifics. I feel that's a different case than Rosie spouting off.)

But there are many things about this that have me puzzled.

First, has Clay even acknowledged his sexuality? He doesn't even talk about it - he dodges questions about it right and left. So is Rosie being presumptuous? I think so. I'm sorry - I am not a Rosie fan these days, and my dislike has not dimmed with this statement.

Second, Rosie was painting Clay as this innocent "babe in the woods". As Elizabeth Hasselbeck said, "Didn't he PUT himself there?"

Yeah, he did.

When you are a performer, no matter how high or low your status is on the totem pole, you are out there due in large part to the fact that YOU WANT IT. Do you think this "kid" (which is a misnomer because he's a MAN...he can vote, enter contracts, fight in war and buy cigarettes) was hog-tied and drug to "American Idol" auditions? No. He went for it because he likes to perform. He wants to share his talent. He wants to MAKE MONEY sharing that talent. So he's in the public eye whether he likes it or not.

Third point? He was a GUEST host on "Regis and Kelly". Let me reiterate - GUEST HOST.

Kelly, technically, was "in charge" since she's one of the main hosts of this show. Yes, she was talkative...but my God, she's ALWAYS talkative. When HASN'T she been? Even though it's expected behavior from her, I'm sure it was annoying for Clay.

However, there are certain things that a guest should not do. One is put their hand on the host's mouth. Kelly was right about "not knowing where that hand has been", and to me, that statement wasn't homophobic. It's REASONABLE. It is cold and flu season, and furthermore, there are many other germs that can be transported in that manner, not to mention whether or not Clay used hand lotion, which tastes TERRIBLE! Also, who's to say she might not have germs on her mouth? She couldn't very well say, "not knowing where my mouth has been" without censors jumping down her throat during the next commercial break.

It's also RUDE. I've had my mouth covered a few times due to my talkativeness, and the folks that did it immediately regretted their actions because I kept talking and at a much HIGHER VOLUME and with MORE ANGER than previously experienced. Some were bitten. And who knows where my MOUTH has been.

It was a poor choice for Clay to make, but where did Rosie get the connection that Kelly's statement was homophobic based on his actions? Why did she put it upon herself to state that Clay was gay without really coming out and saying it?

I don't think the statement should be "getting Lanced". I think it should be "getting Rosied".

So, with the public's approval, Rancho Sudiegirl is willing to facilitate the following event...

PS: If Rosie O'Donnell is reading this, I'M NOT GAY, OK? Don't try to guess or theorize...I like boys, end of story. Also, you are not allowed to referee the event, Rosie. Maybe I'll hire Star Jones for the job.