Monday, February 20, 2006

Unanswered question of the universe, and other random crap...


(BTW, that was the unanswered question of the universe.)

Now, on to the random crap.

Had a gig on Saturday night...a "ball" sponsored by a women's group (And for Hoss and Jules, NO, I don't know where the other ball went.)

This is a gig that I'm never sure if I'm OK with but I go anyway.


1. I get paid.
2. I get paid.
3. I get out of the house.
4. I can watch teenage girls dress in formals but they forget one crucial element, such as:

a. Wearing a thong so they have no visible panty line, except the thong is the wrong color so they look like they have a colossal wedgie
b. They don't practice walking around in high heels so they walk around like they've got sneakers on but they look like Frankenstein instead
c. They slouch, so they make a pretty dress look like a used Kleenex.
d. They wear a long formal with flip-flops, and they walk around making
that "slap-slap" noise

5. I can watch teenage boys dress in suits, but wear the wrong shoes so you can see the Nike swoosh if you look hard enough
6. I learn the true meaning of "money can't buy good taste", e.g. a woman who wears a beautiful black velvet evening dress with white shoes, or women in their '70's that already look like Danny Devito in drag, but they accentuate the fact by putting on makeup that dates them about 30 years back (Arctic Orange lipstick, anyone?)
7. White people dancing (It's a stitch...there are a few couples that make me proud to be Caucasian, but not very damn many)

But I think that what made me wistful this year was seeing the teenage girls dancing with their dads.

I remember dancing with my dad. He was a really good dancer...and when he danced with my mom, you could see that they were enjoying themselves. Dancing was something they always loved to do together, and they made friends with other couples that shared the same interest.

They actually SMILED at each other once in a while when they danced too...that's something I liked to see. You usually don't see that...I'm not sure why. I think it's because people are afraid if they look at their partner and smile, they'll lose count or something. (It actually is a hazard with Caucasians, too...not just an urban legend.)

But I had things to be thankful for with the gig on Saturday.

1. I got paid
2. I got paid
3. I mastered the use of hot rollers, I believe.
4. I saw my band buddies
5. I looked pretty damn good if I do say so myself.

And I hope Dad was watching.


PS: Yes, it's another "Sudie's Dad" post. Deal with blog, my rules.