Thursday, February 09, 2006

I say it's my birthday, na na na na na na...

OH MY GOD...I'm 37 (and even worse, I really like that jacket on the left)!

Pass the Metamucil and prune juice please...I'm partyin' hard tonight.

I guess it doesn't bother me that I'm (gulp) 37. I've already discovered that longevity is over-rated, genetics don't guarantee doodly-squat, and the wages of sin is death (Wow! I got Biblical...)

However, I think my nieces and nephew are the greatest indicators of how old a person can feel. In my case, the other night I hung up the phone feeling 167 years old.


They were going through my sister's senior year scrapbook and asking me questions about that hazy, mysterious time called - THE '80's. Bear in mind that my sister is older than ME!

Anyway, I called the kids the other night because I just felt like talking to the little ang
els. While I was visiting with them, they were going through their mom's scrapbook. The first comment I heard was, "My God, did everyone wear their glasses so big?" I had to inform them that big frames were the style back then...the bigger the better.

(I didn't explain shoulder have to move slowly through that particular topic and explain it very carefully.)

That made me think of some other questions they've had through the years...

"Is that a guy or a girl? Would you explain Culture Club one more time?"

"Mommy said you used to have posters of Michael Jackson all over your room. Was that when he was still cute?"

Well, kids, I hate to tell ya...your mom and your aunt were children of the '70's and 80's. We learned the Preamble of the Constitution from "Schoolhouse Rock", and we had big glasses too. We rode the denim wave from bell-bottoms to pin-striped trouser-style jeans. We combined Pop-Rocks and soda and survived. We had our own theories as to who shot JR, we saw "Ghostbusters", and we had our own idols. I had
Thomas Dolby and The Police (among others, including Michael Jackson WHEN HE WAS CUTE), and she LOVED Huey Lewis and the News and .38 Special. Oh yeah, and DAN FOGELBERG..for some reason, she was into sensitive balladeers. Ick.

But we lived through it.

Sadly, though, I don't know much about the pop stars of today because I just don't listen to top 40 anymore.

Does that mean I'm getting old? just means they've put all my favorites on CD. Dude!

Rock the hell on...