Thursday, February 09, 2006

Can Anybody Find Me Somebody to Love? (thanks to Queen for that lyric)

It’s that time of year again, kiddies…when a young (or old, or middle aged) person’s fancy turns to love or whatever the saying is. Here at Rancho Sudiegirl, Valentine’s Day is taken as seriously as any other holiday around here (and you can read THAT statement any way you like).

First, a pair of best friends.

They share EVERYTHING. (And again, you can read that statement any way you

They have a wide variety of interests. Be it sculpture, dance, song or just spending quality time together, you would think these guys would not need anyone else besides each other. You might be right. However, their lawyer suggested that they get out and meet people so they’re not so likely to re-offend (don’t ask…) so they want to get to know YOU.

(Note: Legal files available for perusal.)

Next, what do you get when you combine a tall guy with a gruff voice and a taste for whiskey plus a short, rotund buffoon with an extensive “blue movie” collection? You get this next pair of gents. These two are certainly comedians! But seriously folks…even though they may fuss and fight, and the little one makes funny noises and screams a lot, they are an interesting pair. They’ll make your Valentine’s Day memorable.

(Note: Psychotherapists’ phone numbers available on request, and Rancho Sudiegirl does not hold itself responsible for damages.)

Finally, don’t let the bad hair fool you…these guys are ready to go on the town with YOU! They’re into the rough stuff once in a while, but it’s worth it just to hear the funny noises they make. Their friendship has withstood the test of time as well as several blunt instruments. They just want someone to love with a really good hospitalization plan. Could you be the one?

(Note: Rancho Sudiegirl does sell short-term disaster insurance. Contact my cat Millie for details.)

So with that, I wish all you lovelorn folks the very best of luck finding your soul mate, and (in advance, and not for the first time) Happy Valentine’s Day!

Yours in matchmaking,