Friday, February 10, 2006

Another good show from SHOWTIME...

Ya know, people laugh at me for being a couch potato, but I have discovered this show for myself, and it is TOTALLY hysterical!

It has dramatic moments too, and I have never seen such a great group of actors in one place on TV for a LONG time. You know how every show seems to have a weak link? This one doesn' least, not yet.

"Huff" is about a psychiatrist, Craig "Huff" Huffstodt, and the trials he faces with patients and his own family and friends. Some of the stuff is OFF THE WALL, but some of it is perfectly normal. The look of it is also wonderful...whoever the cinematographer is (as well as the art director) should be given kudos for the color schemes and the camera work. It's gorgeous. (As is Hank Azaria...Helen Hunt should really feel stupid for letting him get away.)

The one gripe I have isn't even about the TV's about my cable company. I LOVE RCN, don't get me wrong, but they had the first few episodes in their "ON DEMAND" menu and they left out episode #5 with Bob Saget. I saw the teaser for episode six and it had a few clips from episode #5 but not enough to satisfy me. What's an aspiring couch potato to do?

And is it just me, or is Bob Saget really lookin' buff and good these days? He's come a long way from "Full House". He could come to my's not that full. Brad Pitt and George Clooney aren't coming over this weekend anyway, so there's plenty of space. Make me laugh, Bob...OH PLEASE!! I've been a good little girl, honest.

But if you have Showtime, PLEASE check out "Huff", or check out the Season 1 DVD box set, coming out in March '06.

Sudiegirl has spoken...