Thursday, February 16, 2006

And now, from the "Maybe Stripperella should get together with the sheep rapist from Michigan" files and Yahoo! News

Sudiegirl sez: Now, don’t get me wrong. I think people should be well-rounded in their interests, and if they are moved to be activists for a cause, they should go for it. However…I find it REALLY hard to take some activists seriously. Like…for instance…Pamela “Stripperella” Anderson. I don’t mean to be stereotypical, but come on! She’s written two novels, yes…she also co-produced the animated series “Stripperella” for Spike TV…I concede on that point. But give me a break! I remember my grandparents raising sheep when I was a kid, and you know, some of these gruesome practices have a purpose in sheep farming. Pamela actually needs to live the life of a farmer instead of humping a stationary pole or writing insipid novels that probably had to be grammar and spell-checked 5 times before the publisher would put it out for sale. Here I go, into the abyss…

Anderson Seeks End to Sheep Farming Process
48 minutes ago

Pamela Anderson is urging Australia's prime minister to ban a sheep farming practice at the center of a global campaign to boycott Australian wool. (You know, maybe she should just schedule a personal visit to his office. Perhaps he would be moved by her personal, anguished plea for the poor little sheep, and wouldn’t even notice the G-string and pasties.)

The 38-year-old actress, who is an animal rights activist, has written to Prime Minister John Howard, asking him to end the "sad practices" of live sheep exports and a process known as mulesing, which involves slicing flesh and wool away from the sheep's rump to prevent blowflies from laying their eggs in the warm, damp skin. (I’m sorry, but I’m going to ask Ms. Anderson this burning question…does she realize what sheep do with their rumps? They’re not just for sitting. Did she take biology? You have to do what the farmers do so the sheep don’t get infected and become a Holiday-Inn for blowflies. If you don’t, the sheep die. End of story.)

Farmers say the procedure is an essential part of caring for the animals in Australia's hot climate. But the U.S.-based People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals calls the practice an unnecessary mutilation and wants it stopped. (I try really hard to be progressive, but groups like PETA really make me want to buy a handgun, sit on my patio and shoot squirrels while writing racist and homophobic poems and funding a guerilla sneak attack on my local Planned Parenthood office. In short, they get on my last nerve.)

Anderson, who has been involved in anti-fur ads and a campaign to raise awareness of what she calls abuse of chickens in processing plants, said in the letter Wednesday to Howard that consumers were horrified by the procedure. She also condemned the export of live sheep on "death ships" to the Middle East. (This smells like a movie of the week for “Animal Planet” starring Valerie Bertinelli and Bradford Dillman.)

Australia ships live animals to Islamic countries that require halal meat products — meat from an animal that has been killed by a Muslim who slits its jugular vein and drains all the blood from the carcass. (NO different than kosher butchering in many ways! If it is, please let me know how, gentle readers. Meanwhile, what the hell? Pamela…you’re wanted on set 22. Drop your protest sign and get to makeup, please.)

Several years ago, Australian exporters were accused of cruelty when a ship carrying sheep became stranded at sea for weeks and thousands of animals died. (That’s not cruelty…that’s just sad, sad coincidence. I’m sure the exporters were tearing their hair out for the safety of the crew and its cargo, and they probably lost mucho bucks in the deal as well. Could someone explain PETA’s purpose in life besides irritating the hell out of me?)

Sudiegirl’s final opinion?

Thank goodness I don’t like mutton. But I am b-a-a-a-a-a-d to the bone!
Too many sheep jokes? No such thing.

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