Thursday, February 23, 2006

And now, from the "I Got Plenty of Mutton" files and Yahoo! News...

Sudiegirl sez: It’s a sad day indeed when a homeless guy tries to steal a sheep.

Nobody has said what he was going to do with said sheep, but it’s Arkansas so my guess is something less than normal.

Poor sheep…I feel your pain. Well, maybe not exactly, but you know...I empathize.

Police: Homeless Man Tries to Steal Sheep
(Is this some kind of sheep-sex-slave ring or something?)

Wed Feb 22, 8:29 PM ET
A homeless man who police say tried to take a sheep from the Little Rock Zoo has been arrested on numerous charges. A security guard at the zoo called police Tuesday evening after spotting a man carrying a trash can with a sheep in it, a police report said. (That would be a little odd, now, wouldn’t it? There aren't too many ways to explain that away. You could call it a goiter, or say that the trash can is your lunchbox and you're a big eater, but I don't think that'd work.)

When officers arrived Grady Allen Carnahan, 32, told them he was a doctor and the sheep was sick. He said he was taking the animal to a veterinary clinic, the report said. (That must have been a big garbage can, or on rollers or something. I can’t imagine a sheep would be easy to stuff in a garbage can. Persuasive, yes. Flexible, no.)

Carnahan fought with officers as they were trying to take him into custody, police said. (Well, if someone is going to go to all the trouble of stuffing a sheep into a garbage can to smuggle it out, do you really think they’re gonna be cool with being arrested?)

He was arrested on a felony charge of violating an animal facility and on misdemeanor charges of criminal trespass, cruelty to animals, resisting arrest, and theft of property. (Well, I guess I have some questions. I get the felony charge for violating an animal facility…but…isn’t theft based on value of the object? And if that’s the case, how much is the sheep worth? Are we talking some exotic, gold-plated sheep from Zimbabwe, or just your garden-variety sheep? If it’s a rare sheep or something, the thief could have other felony charges. Compare it to someone stealing a pedigreed show dog versus a mutt.)

The animal was returned to its pen at the zoo. (I’m sure it was needing the sheep equivalent of a stiff drink and a Valium by the time it was all done.)

Sudiegirl’s final opinion?

Has this guy never heard of personal ads?

I know, I shouldn’t judge…I don’t know if his intentions were craven or honorable (as in selling the sheep to a butcher and pocketing the dough). But he may want to talk to the guy in Michigan who may be put on the national sex offender list because he had relations with a sheep.

I’m just sayin’…