Sunday, December 04, 2005

a public apology...

to Steve at Roberts Bridal in Mississippi.

Why? Because I used one of their photos in this blog without permission.

I have since removed the photo (at least, the photo I believe to be the one in question) and have issued him a personal apology by e-mail, but felt it was only right to issue him one publicly as well.

I realize I have a low readership, but still, the photo was rightfully the property of Roberts' photography studio, and I apologize for using his work.

Please understand that when I look for photos, I am not doing it in the spirit of claiming it's mine, and what a talented little monkey I's because I like them and think they'll help enhance the spirit of each entry.

However, I also understand that if I want something I can't just take it, cyber or otherwise.

I will endeavor to give credit where credit is due, and if I don't, or if you want something removed, all it takes is letting me know