Saturday, December 03, 2005

Dedicated to Hoss..."What I Think..."

In the comments section of my previous post, Old Horsetail Snake (aka HOSS) told me that he wanted to hear more about what I think instead of what two published authors think.

Oh boy...are you all in for it now.

Here we go...WHAT I THINK.

  1. 1. I think that it's a good thing that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner named their daughter Violet. They must have a penchant for obscure "Peanuts" characters. I predict their next child will be named "Shermy" or "Pigpen".
  2. I think that right now it's bloody f'ing cold outside.
  3. I think that Ivy is a very brave person and people should go read her blog...just click on her name in my BlogRoll list (as well as her sister's blog, "Theater of the Absurd". ) Hell, all the blogs in the blogroll list, I THINK, are very read 'em!
  4. I think I've had just about enough of Christmas music, ESPECIALLY Johnny Mathis. Is it just me, or does Johnny Mathis' voice sound like someone is turning the volume knob up and down, so his vibrato is wide enough for a truck to drive through?
  5. I think Brad Pitt or George Clooney need to need to come to my home and give me a neck massage.
  6. I think that Christopher Kennedy Lawford should do the same...hell, all three should just come over in shifts.
  7. I think I'm just dreaming the impossible dream with numbers five and six, but hey, it's the season of miracles.
  8. I think I am happy (actually, I know that I am happy, but I don't want to disrupt the theme) that so many new people have come to visit. Please keep up doing this, bring a friend, and LEAVE A COMMENT so I know who's been here besides the regulars!
  9. I think my family, my friends, Doug, and my two cats are the greatest joys in my life at this point. I also think my dad is having a good time in heaven right now and hanging out with many cool people as well as the dogs he had in childhood.
  10. I think I've had about enough of this I think I will bid y'all "Adieu". That's French for "catch ya on the flip side".