Sunday, December 04, 2005

More stuff to contemplate while I brush my teeth, like Dennis here...

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So anyway, things are hanging in there as far as trying to get through the first holidays without my dad. So far, so good. I'm trying to keep things as low key as possible, and it's not as easy as it seems. I'm doing a good job of avoiding purchases of a Christmas music nature, and I've always HATED "It's a Wonderful LIfe" so I'm a subversive Communist bedwetter as far as my "traditional" Christmas spirit is concerned. However, I just wanted to wind up the weekend with the following:

  • A good holiday movie to see, even though this holiday is officially finished for '05: "Pieces of April". Although this movie stars the future Mrs. Tom "I have my own Sonogram Machine at home, nyah nyah nyah!" Cruise, it's good anyway. It's got a sweet nature to it, and even though it's got a happy ending, it puts you on the edge of your seat wondering if it's going to get there!
  • Also, tops on my holiday movie viewing list: "A Chrstmas Story". Yes, "you'll shoot your eye out" is a phrase often screeched by me at the height of the season. Jean Shepard could spin a yarn quite well, and "Ollie Hopnoodle's Haven of Bliss" runs a close second.
  • And WHERE would this holiday be without "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas" and by that I mean the half-hour cartoon version? I realize that "Opie" won an Oscar and I should respect him for that, but there was absolutely no reason to stretch a book that's only 30 pages (approximate) long into a 2 hour movie!
  • One book that is so sad I can't bear to read it, but is one of my mother's favorites, is The Birds' Christmas Carol. She bought this book for my sister and I one Christmas to share the joy of it, and I read it, bawled my eyes out, and never read it again. The story of her and this book is that every year in grade school, the librarian at Mom's school would read this book to the kids, but would always make Mom promise that she wouldn't cry at the end. Mom broke that promise every year, and something tells me she still breaks it. Mom's a romantic at heart.
  • One last thing related to Christmas and entertainment of a sort: If anyone that reads this thinks I would like Mannheim Steamroller's Christmas recordings, I have to let them know that they would not be welcome under my tree. I have a real problem with Mannheim Steamroller and anything having to do with Jackson & Almeda Berkey. My ex-husband (#1) was into pagan worship and I came home one day from work to him dressed in robes with candles lit all over the apartment and this new-age synth drek on the stereo. I'd much rather have some kind of Larry the Cable Guy Christmas album if there is one in existence. Just so's ya know.

So that's it for today...I'm sure I'll find more tidbits to fill your brains with throughout the week..and PLEASE leave a note if you like/don't like/could care less about what I write...I get lonesome here.