Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I think my dad's spirit sat on Stephen Pastis' shoulder as Pastis drew the strip...

(NOTE: picture of the Pearls Before Swine gang from http://www.pib.dk)

This strip ALWAYS makes me laugh, but today was perfectly inspired. Why?

Panel 1: Rat asks Pig if he thinks if we'll see someone again after they die. Pig replies no.
Panel 2: Pig says his mailman died last fall and he hasn't seen him since.
Panel 3: Pig responds that the guy wasn't much of a mailman anyway. Rat says to remind him to not have these conversations with Pig.

(Click on the link to read the strip in its entirety...it flows a lot better that way.)

So, friends, if you're wondering where the hell I got my sense of humor, blame it on Dad.

Morbidly yours,