Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Rancho Sudiegirl brings back blog dating, just in time for Christmas!

(Image 1 from www.netletter.net. Isn't he cute?)

Ah, Christmas...the time of year for drunk Santas, pissy Santas, and people arguing over words and phrases of the holiday season.

But Christmas is also the season of LOVE. Come on...we're bombarded with commercials all the time! "Every kiss begins with Kay", "Render her speechless", etc...and we at the staff of Rancho Sudiegirl are not immune to the allure. Significant others might be, but that's another story.

That's why we've brought back BLOG DATING! That's right...we've got a great edition today and if you're lookin' for a personality, we may have one for you! (Notice I didn't say "good" personality. Personality is in the eye of the beholder, and we here at Rancho Sudiegirl cannot be held personally responsible if your dream turns into a Christmas fruitcake.) So without further ado, here are this year's selections...one of them may be your Mr/Ms/"Jury's still out on the gender" Right!

(Photo from http://s89690178.onlinehome.us/)

This rascal has Svengali-like qualities, and parties at his house are "killer". (Come on, it's a law! If there's a pun, I have to pursue it or they'll take my smart-ass license away). He seeks a woman with lots of conditioner that knows her way around a hairdryer and a set of hot rollers. He does request any potential partner to sign a contract that no books or articles shall be written about the experience.

"These Boots Were Made For Walking", all right! Despite this girl wearing enough eyeliner to choke Boy George, she's a "Daisy" amidst those other geraniums out there. And she's taken those first steps to freedom, fellers. Just don't feed her buffalo.

Is this person crying? Screaming? Eating lemon drops? We're not sure. We're also not quite sure of the gender...guessing this person's male, but Rancho Sudiegirl holds no responsibility if the opposite turns out to be true. Oh well, if you like adventure, this is your...organism. Comes with $10 in Taco Bell coupons. Go nuts!

Hoo-doggies! How about some down-home partner swappin'? These swingers from down Arkansas way can ring your chimes on a budget, and include biscuits and gravy as a bonus. Careful of Pa, though...he ain't too "work-ey-fied".

As Julie Brown sang, "I like 'em big and STUPID!" Although there might be a glimmer of brain activity there, if you want big, he's your man. Even though he has a propensity to beat up weather men from Eastern Iowa, he's really just a cuddly teddy bear at heart. Just make sure he's well fed.

Well, folks, I've done my part to spread Christmas cheer. If there are complaints, take 'em to management. We'll do our very best to read them and maybe even discuss them amongst ourselves before we throw them away.


PS: Other photos were from employeecomedy.typepad.com, www.thatyouththing.com,
www.dvdclassicscorner.net, and www.thesmokinggun.com.