Monday, December 12, 2005

And now, from the "sigh...puns galore" files and Yahoo! News...

Sudiegirl sez: Well, this may be weird, but at least my readers will be happy to see I'm not picking on Garth Maybe tomorrow, but not today. So let me "slip" into something more comfortable and "peel" off some humorous prose, huh? Ar question...was Banana Boy high in potassium? (Chiquita Banana image from

Banana Boy Arrested After Faux Fight
Fri Dec 9, 4:33 PM ET

HUDSON FALLS, N.Y. - Banana Boy's superpowers weren't enough to help him and the rest of his bunch give police the slip. (Well, after all, puns are supposed to be one of the higher forms of humor.)

The local television character, who goes by the name Chris Phelps when he's not donning his superhero's large yellow banana crime-fighting costume (well, is he mild-mannered? That's all I wanna know...) was arrested Thursday at gunpoint along with two others when police mistook their skit for a real-life knife fight. (D'oh!)

It all began in a Main Street parking lot in this Washington County village 45 miles north of Albany, where the 20-year-old Phelps, his brother Jonathan and friend Luke Van Scoy were filming their television show "The Ravacon," which chronicles the adventures of Banana Boy. (I'm sure their parents are proud..."Yes, that's my boy in the banana suit.")

During the skit, Banana Boy was attacked by Van Scoy with a prop knife just as Washington County Sheriff's Deputy Shawn Lovelace was driving down the street. (Cue the laugh track...)

"He's stabbing him," bystanders yelled as Lovelace got out of his patrol car. (OK...the defense strategy would be - oh, I'm so sorry - the "Banana Split" defense, not unlike the "Twinkie" defense of old?)

Unaware the melee was staged, Lovelace drew his handgun and ordered Banana Boy and his colleagues to the ground. They complied — quickly. (Well, you know, bananas are a source of energy.)

"I saw they were fighting ... and saw one of them had a knife," Lovelace told The Post-Star of Glens Falls. (That poor cop...he'll never live down arresting a banana.)

Police said Banana Boy and the others, all of whom are from nearby South Glens Falls, were charged with disorderly conduct for snarling traffic and not informing police they were going to be filming. Hudson Falls Police Sgt. Todd Lemery said Van Scoy's knife turned out to be a spring-loaded switchblade replica. (Oh boy...)

"I said, `Oh my God, don't shoot the banana,'" said Steven Wilson, who was watching the skit being filmed when Lovelace came upon the scene with his gun drawn. "It was the funniest thing I've ever seen." (I have to admit, that would be quite funny. I'm sorry...but it would!)

"The Ravacon" is broadcast Saturdays on Glen Falls television station WNCE at 11 p.m.

Station co-owner Jesse Jackson said he would discuss the matter with Banana Boy and his crew, whom he called very talented. (I think this would be funny too...having a stern conversation with a piece of fruit.)

"I've been in TV for a lot of years and I've never seen anything like them," Jackson told the newspaper. (You got that right!)

Banana Boy, who was still in costume when he was picked up by his father at the police station Thursday, said he believes the entire incident with police was caught on tape by his brother, adding the show will be aired Saturday. Meanwhile, the trio is expected back in Hudson Falls Village Court on Dec. 15. (Maybe they should call the show "Bananas Gone Wild"?)

"We do a lot of our stuff in South Glens Falls," said Van Scoy. "The police know us there." (Oh, that's a comfort.)

Information from: The Post-Star,

Sudiegirl's final word...

You see why I picked this story? It had "a-peel".
Go ahead, shoot me now...


Here is a note I received from Luke VanScoy re: "Banana Boy"...please go visit his website. I plan to!

hello.. I am Luke VanScoy.. the one with the fake plastic knife...i just thought it would be fun to post a comment on one of the sites discussing the incident... and to tell everyone that the show is actuall called 'the ravacon show'.. not just the ravacon... and let them know it is a product of niceguys productions.