Monday, December 26, 2005

And now, from the "Note to self: DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO THIS SERVICE" files and Yahoo! News

Sudiegirl sez: Who would want this service? I really don't get it...and of course, I will make my thoughts known in my own inimitable fashion.

Mobile phones to announce 'you've been indicted'
2 hours, 54 minutes ago

SEOUL (Reuters) - South Koreans may look at their mobile phones with some trepidation in the new year because prosecutors will start telling people they have been indicted via text messages, an official said Monday. (So apparently you can't avoid it by setting your phone on vibrate? How about throwing it in the bottom of your purse? That's what I do...)

In a country where about 75 percent of the population carries mobile phones, prosecutors felt it was time to move away from sending legal notices on paper and send them electronically instead, said Lee Young-pyo, an administrative official. (So people can duck them quicker. Ah, good thinkin'.)

"Most people in
South Korea have mobile phones and since the notices don't reach them immediately by regular mail, this is a more definite way for the individuals to know they have received a legal notice," Lee said. (Unless they employ the method explained in paragraph 1.)

The indictments by text messages are not intended to take people by surprise. "People will receive a text message of a legal notice only after they apply for the service," he said. (So if you're dumb enough to pay money for bad news instead of getting it free like everyone else, you deserve it!)

Prosecutors expect to save about 160 million won ($158,000) a year by shifting to the service and reducing the number of legal notices it sends through the mail. (Uh-huh. But how about all those office supply stores and stationers who go out of business, huh? Who cares about them? I do!)

Other notices that will be sent by text messages include information on fines and penalties. (Something tells me this would prompt me to give up my cell phone altogether.)

The service starts Tuesday but will be fully implemented in 2006. (Oh joy. I'll put it on my calendar.)

Sudiegirl's final opinion?

Hmmm...maybe I could spread the word throughout the states to cellphone users. Here's some samples...

1. yr frd (You're fired)
2. d bbz nt yrs (the baby's not yours)
3. jst wnt 2 b frnds (The ultimate in breakup text msg..."Just want to be friends")

Can you think of any? If so, leave them in my comments...

Sudiegirl the forward-thinking (but procrastinating)...

******Update: According to this article, a woman in Britain was actually fired by text-message. Needless to say, the wrl iz in @ tizzy.

(Don't feel bad if you don't understand my text speak; I don't either.)