Thursday, December 22, 2005

And more notes from my brain...

Well, I'm trying to keep my eyes on the prize and not experiment with too much new stuff right now until 2006 rears its head. So with that in mind, here's some celebrity news blurbs for ya, and my feelings about them...

1. Elton John married his long-time partner in a civil ceremony yesterday in England. I'm happy for him, but I wonder...while they're on their honeymoon, will he whip out this outfit? (photo from

2. Remember this sweet picture? Well, the annulment papers have been filed, so Renee and Kenny's marriage is nothing but the husk of a romantic dream. And I know I'm still wondering...WHY did she file for annulment? I don't want to assume the worst, but ya know...stranger things have happened. I'm not sure WHAT exactly, but I'm sure some bellboy or housekeeper at a hotel could tell us everything, but has not been offered enough money yet. I have $1.25...anyone else want to ante up so we know what's up? (Photo from

3. OK, first of all...I had to explain to my older niece about the allure of Boy George. It made me feel REALLY old that I was Courtney's age when George first got famous, but I won a bet with my sister over him; Ruth thought Boy was a girl. I found out otherwise and showed her the evidence...I guess being a celebrity junkie pays off. And speaking of junkies, Geo (a recovering addict) can breathe freely for the moment. His trial for cocaine possession has been delayed until February 1st of '06. For whoever thinks he's guilty of coke possession, I ask you...LOOK at him. Obviously, if someone goes to his closet, pulls out this ensemble and can put on eyeliner better than most models, he's obviously not coked. He's on something, but it ain't coke. (And apparently, you don't have to be a former Iraqi dictator to get a delay for a trial...just ask Boy George.) (Photo from

4. New Jersey state government (not sure which office) is taking entries for their new state motto. However, they will not accept sarcastic ones. Damn...there goes my sure-fire winners: "New Jersey: fuhgeddaboutit" and "New Jersey: Some of the bodies floating in our rivers are alive!"
(Photo from

Well, folks...that's it until I find more stuff to annoy you with.

Sudiegirl the intrepid