Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It's almost the end of the year, folks...

Wow...the decade is about to close up like a clam on the seashore.

Where does that leave your beloved Sudiegirl? Will she continue to blog? Will she turn 41 with a minimum of fuss?

As far as blogging, it'll probably be intermittent (much to Ed H's dismay), but I think something's up with the blog isn't reading right from my computer. I'm supposed to be able to have 8 posts up at a time, and it's only showing one. I may need to start over at a different location, which is OK by me, I guess.

Turning 41...well...that's a kicker. Forty was a milestone. What will forty-one bring, besides more gray hair and stretchmarks? Not sure, but not too worried about it, really. We all know what the alternative is to aging, and I'm not too keen on it at the moment. Too many movies not seen, and Ben and Jerry's is still making Chubby Hubby ice cream so I have reasons to live.

So for now, you'll still see me, and I'll let you know if I make the big move to another blogging factory...until then, happy new year and may you have peace and tranquility if that's your thing. If not, may chaos rule your life.