Monday, July 06, 2009

So what did our fair heroine do on the 4th of July weekend?

Not a hell of a lot, really.

D and I went to see fireworks, and went to church on Sunday like good little Episcopalians.

It's funny...since I started blogging again, I am still having trouble coming up with topics. You'd think, after I removed myself from exile, that the topics would flow like water, but NOPE NOPE NOPE. Still stuck.

This whole Michael Jackson funeral thing is pretty intense. I'm surprised they're not making it a national day of mourning. I'll be at work, of course, with no way of watching the memorial service on TV. Bummer...I really want to see who comes out for it.

Planning on going back home to IA in October, and kind of excited about it. I'm going out for Mom's 70th birthday, and my sister and I are trying to figure out what to do to celebrate it. Not sure if we'll do just a family thing, or have an open house, or what we'll do. Should be interesting to see how all this long distance planning will turn out. If Ruth and I can keep from killing each other, things should turn out just fine. I know...I know...I was very vehement about not going back to IA but I guess "old age" (as in 40) has mellowed me to some extent. I'm not going to LIVE there, it's just for a VISIT. It'll be fine.

Today, it's deader than Elvis in this department, so that's why I'm blogging...just to pass the time if nothing else. It's skeleton crew time around here, but tomorrow it should be back to "normal"...whatever THAT is.

As I mentioned, I like this department. I like the people, and the environment is so much better than where I was. I liked my co-workers, but I had lots of issues with the boss (as you can read a couple of entries below). It amazes me that someone that lousy at people management can be a manager, but I guess that's what happens in this crazy world. As for me, I don't have any goals that manifest themselves in management so I'm cool. I just want to work and leave my troubles at the door when I'm done for the day. I couldn't do that in the previous job, but I can with this one. It's a good thing, as ol' Martha Stewart would say.

What else can I tell ya? Not a whole lot, really, other than I called it that MJ overdosed, and it looks like I'm right based on the evidence presented thus far. I really wish that hadn't been the case, but that's what we're looking at, methinks.

Bye for now...